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A Traveler's Guide to the Turamzzyrian Empire
Kezmon (for historical reference only)

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Kezmon was a volcanic isle off the west coast of Selanthia. It prospered and entered into the Empire in 4270. It mysteriously disappeared in the year 4873, with no survivors to tell the story of the fall. Rumors hold that the disappearance was the result of an ancient Elven Curse placed on the Isle by Inar'ru, who prophesied the destruction of Kezmon in 4310.

Major Cities and Towns

Kai Toka

Kezmon was once the home to the ancient city of Kai Toka. Kai Toka was a bustling port, drawing trade from all along the western coast of Elanthia. The city was once a cultural wonderland within the Empire and shipping center of the civilized world, and her shipwrights were rivalled only later by Tamzyrr.




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