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A Traveler's Guide to the Turamzzyrian Empire

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Jantalar is a hilly region with interspersed fertile plains and large, fast-flowing rivers. It is bordered on the west by the mountains of Mestanir, now a subjugated territory and considered part of Jantalar. To the north, Jantalar has also taken over Talador. Due to the position of Jantalar, with humanoid threats on the northern and eastern borders, there is a strong military presence and an unusual fervor in the application of Chaston's edicts.

Jantalar is a recently expanding territory in the Empire. The expansion of Jantalar has now consumed two other territories, Talador and Mestanir, and now threatens Vornavis and the wilds to the northwest including Wehnimer's Landing. The geographical position of Jantalar, combined with the obvious military effectiveness of the army garrisoned there, makes Jantalar a natural seat for the Northern Sentinel.

Major Cities and Towns


Jantalar was originally a northern outpost of the Empire built in 4735, to guard the Empire from incursions by the barbarians and humanoids from the north. With large forests to the north and east, Jantalar guards very fertile plains to the south, and quickly grew into a major city and the capital of the barony now known as Jantalar.


Jantalarian woodworkers are exceptionally skilled in their trade, and their fine furniture and decorative craftsmanship are in demand throughout the Empire. While Jantalar has plentiful forests of its own, non-indigenous woods are imported by the craftsmen, giving the woodworkers a wide range of styles and flavors for their craft.


Local Lore and Customs

About four miles from Jantalar is a large white stone, called Emil's Lamb by the locals. It is said to have fallen from the sky, and the powder formed by scraping it with a knife is said to be most efficacious in curing rabies and gout.

The custom of Cockle Court is still followed in some of the villages of this region. This elaborate mock trial is performed to expose quarrelling spouses and serve as a warning to the young. A judge and jury are appointed, along with counsel for the prosecution and defense. All of these parties proceed to the Moot Hall, banging on pots and pans and drawing behind them a wagon carrying two men disguised as the husband and wife in question. Once assembled, the quick-witted counselors present their case and the judge and jury decide upon a verdict (usually something to the effect of charging the couple with keeping the peace lest they be set on the dunking-stool). At the trial's conclusion, all involved adjourn to a nearby tavern to drink to the good health and happiness of the husband and wife.




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