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A Traveler's Guide to the Turamzzyrian Empire

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Honneland, nestled between low mountain ranges to the north and south, enjoys a warm climate. Winters are mild, and rain is frequent, though rarely torrential. Crosswinds often blow from west to east across the Earldom, making for dust storms, gales, and occasional tornadoes.

For centuries, Honneland was an imperial borderland, and the towns and culture of this earldom reflect their martial past. With the borders distant, the primary source of high adventure lies within the treacherous Wizardwaste, for those brave or foolish enough to enter. The knights of this realm have taken a fancy to great tournaments and festivals to gain glory and fame. With Kezmon Isle now but a memory, the flower of extravagant romantic chivalry has bloomed brightly in Honneland, rivalling the great Duchy of Selanthia.

Major Cities and Towns


Named in honor of the legendary Emperor Immuros, Immuron is a well-fortified city that can act in times of war as a military stronghold. It was built upon the site of the ill-fated city of Gor'nustre, and proudly served for centuries as the outermost defense of the Empire. The people are orderly and peaceful, with the peace assured by the overt military presence of the Silver Shields, Immuron's city guard. Though little conflict reaches this far into the Empire today, Immuron still serves as the example of a fortified city.


Farming and tending livestock are prominent in Honneland, and with its rolling hills and vast prarie, peaceful Honneland is the breadbasket of the Empire. The earldom has a great supply of wild horses that is famed within the Empire. Honneland also has plentiful silver mines in the low mountains.


Local Lore and Customs

Immuron's famed Silver Well is said to grant wishes. Long ago, a young woman wanted nothing more than to have her father, an Imperial soldier, return home to take part in her wedding. One day at dawn when she was drawing water from the well, a deer stepped out from the trees and instructed her to descend into the well, fill her mouth with water, then walk once around Imaera's temple without losing a drop. She did so, and the very next day her father returned, alive and well. Ever since that time, young men and women have done the same in hopes that their wishes will also come true.




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