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A Traveler's Guide to the Turamzzyrian Empire

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Highmount is bordered to the east by high, largely impassable mountains. The denizens of the mountains sometimes raid smaller towns and merchant caravans, making travel in the region dangerous. The remainder of the territory is forested, with the huge Lake Maelshey at the center.

Highmount is a barony of contrasting terrain, and the people exhibit similar contrasts. The lowlands are heavily forested and many of the people live in small isolated logging communities. These people tend to stick mostly to themselves and many jokes are made about the hermits of Highmount. The residents of Maelligh and the surrounding areas tend to be friendly and open. Many of them enjoy a comfortable lifestyle on the shores of Lake Maelshey, supported by the bounty of both the waters and the woods. The people who live in the mountains and the city of Kragsfell tend to be gruff, hardworking types.

Major Cities and Towns


Maelligh is a large city on the banks of Lake Maelshey. The lake provides a way of life for most of the people in the city. The fishing industry is booming, and a boat ride across the lake has become preferable to navigating the surrounding forest.


Kragsfell was founded in 4314 as an Imperial outpost marking the new borders of the Empire. The citadel was sacked and all but destroyed by barbarian giantmen in 4405, and rebuilt in 4451. The area has become secure under Empire rule and is now a thriving city. Located in a mountainous region surrounded by forests, the city hosts mostly hardy woodsmen and stoneworkers.

Kragsfell is not only known for the raw gems and stone produced from the surrounding mountains, but also for the artistry of the local stoneworkers. Much of the marble in the Imperial palace was imported from Highmount and statuary from Kragsfell is found in many a Turamzzyrian noble's home or garden. The mountain people tend to worship Eonak and Kragsfell contains a large, beautiful temple in his honor. The more devout among the citizens stop by there daily to say a few prayers on their way to or from work. Outsiders often look upon the Kragsfell residents as being humorless and stodgy, nearly as dour as dwarves, yet the private homes of the city are some of the most beautiful found anywhere in the Empire, with intricate wood and stone carvings gracing even the most modest of residences.



Local Lore and Customs

Boating on Lake Maelshey is not only a way to make a living via fishing and providing transportation, but pleasure boating has become a sophisticated hobby. Even those of the lowest classes usually manage to find a way to acquire an old rowboat. Boat builders and owners try to outdo each other with elaborate designs; some of them so odd and impractical that the boats are barely seaworthy. The annual Maelshey Regatta in Maelligh is known throughout the Empire and is the largest festival held in Highmount each year.

Nutting season brings with it festivities of all kinds. Large parties of men and boys go out nutting, then return to distribute the bounty equally among all those gathered. For the rest of the day, games are played using nuts as fines and forfeits. The evening is spent dancing to flutes and fiddles playing a variety of traditional tunes.




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