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A Traveler's Guide to the Turamzzyrian Empire

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Bourth is covered with lush woodlands, including the vast Wyrdeep forest in the northeast, and veined with plentiful, free-flowing rivers and streams. This provides for a most lucrative wood trade. Bourth has grown the reputation for generating the finest wood in the Empire, and also produces the most, supplying the shipwrights of Tamzyrr with their much-needed timber. Beyond the Wyrdeep forest, to the north and east, the region is protected by the great DragonSpine mountain range.

Major Cities and Towns


Named for the baron who built this stronghold on the edge of the vast Wyrdeep Forest, Gallardshold boasts a stout military garrison to protect the woodcutters, trappers, and huntsmen who comprise the majority of its populace. The recent renewal of racial antipathy within the Turamzzyrian Empire has not significantly affected Gallardshold, and the largely independent elven communities within the Wyrdeep are on good, though reserved, terms with their baron. After centuries of cycling conflict and peace, Gallardshold has gained some aspects of elven culture and lore, and tales of elven witches and warlocks in the surrounding woods are common folklore when regaling the battles that captured this region of Bourth.


The city of Krestle was founded in 4332 near the site of the destroyed Kedshold, a surviving city from the Kannalan Empire. Krestle is a center of commerce for the woodsmen who make their trade in Gallardshold. It is a hub of travel and known as a place where one can contract for goods and services cheaply. The people are open to strangers, although largely intolerant of humanoids, due to the region's bloody past.

The first of Voln's monasteries was founded not far from this city over a millennium ago by a giantman manor lord, Fasthr K'Tafali's. While not as large as the brotherhoods in Nydds and Elstreth, this monastery is still active in the region, and Voln's pilgrims often come here to walk the battlefield where their patron was first revealed.

Wyrdeep Forest

Deep and foreboding, the Wyrdeep Forest is the greatest wood within the Turamzzyrian Empire. While the Wyrdeep Forest is claimed by the Barony of Bourth, only the fringes of the forest are settled. Elven, sylvan, and half-elven refugees fled into the forest centuries ago to avoid oppressive imperial edicts, and still have villages hidden within the strange wood, though even they are unwilling to risk the mysterious and dangerous depths of the forest. Disappearances among the woodland communities are most often attributed to legends of fey magic in the wood itself, immortal faeriekin come to steal innocents for their wretched amusement, or the Wyrdeep Huntsman, a regional bogeyman of sorts.



Local Lore and Customs

Local lore holds that the Wyrdeep Huntsman was once a great ranger whose heart was twisted by the fey forest. Now but a shade, the Huntsman haunts the Wyrdeep with his pack of direwolves, preying on those who wander too far from the guarded villages. Some claim that even the ghostly Huntsman fears entering the heart of the forest and risking the dread denizens therein.

Some of the citizens of Gallardshold wear either a single hawk feather braided into the right side of their hair or a white leather bracelet on their left wrist. The display of the feather indicates that the person feels that the elves of the Wyrdeep should be exempt from Chaston's Edict, while the display of the bracelet indicates that the person supports Chaston's Edict in the case of the elves. The tension between supporters of the edict and supporters of the elves is subtle but distinct, though it has rarely erupted into violence. As long as no humans, braceleted or feathered, bring harm to the elves when they trade, the elves are largely uncaring regarding the humans' beliefs.




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