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A Traveler's Guide to the Turamzzyrian Empire

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Aldora is dominated by the Gattrof mountains, a wide, low range which occupies the eastern half of the Duchy. The west of the Duchy is inhospitable hills, broken by an occasional oasis-like valley, the largest of which is the Valley of Hourouth. Aldora is land-locked.

Aldora has very little farm land, but the hilly terrain provides exceptional grazing for the mountain goats and sheep that are abundant there. The storms that sweep up from the southwest have made the hills rocky and barren, while the protected valleys flourish and produce some rare plant life. The climate is hot and harsh.

Major Cities and Towns


Elstreth is situated in the Valley of Hourouth between the Gattrof mountains to the east, and a range of hills to the west. It is the garden spot of Aldora, and is rich compared to the rest of the Duchy. Elstreth has high walls and strong fortifications. Miles of shanties have sprung up outside the walls, full of people making their living on the vast amount of trade coming through the Duchy's hub. Elstreth also hosts a satellite college of the Hall of Mages in Tamzyrr.

The House of the Paladin, a temple built in honor of Voln, was founded in Elstreth as Voln's faithful surged in the face of numerous conflicts with the Horned Cabal. Unlike many of the more influential families within the Empire, the Chandrennins, led by the aging Duke Bannon Chandrennin, are devout followers of Voln. Here, more than any other of the southern territories, ordlyn and hathlyn are considered equals, or nearly so, to the human majority, as Voln's brotherhood finds worth in any who would take their endless cause against the undead.


Weaving houses are found throughout Aldora, and the Duchy is well known for its skilled crafters of brocade cloth. Dyes for the cloth are imported from the Duchy's coastal neighbors, and the cloths are traded throughout the Empire, bringing much needed iron in return.

Aldora is famed for its magnificent wineries, as the Duchy is perfect for grape-growing. The region has become most renown for its riesling and champagne.

Rare Herbs

Local Lore and Customs

As well as the traditional methods of empathy and herbal remedy, some of the healers of Aldora practice an art called stone-tending to care for the sick. This complex belief holds that illnesses are caused by a division between the waters and the airs in a person's body, and that proper application of aspects of the earth can reunite these two forces. A stone-tender will give instructions as to how certain gems must be placed on a person's body and for what periods of time to relieve the illness. The most expensive stone-tenders use emeralds, sapphires, and diamonds, while less skilled (and affluent) stone-tenders treat illnesses with quartz, peridot, and spinels and tourmalines of various hues.

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