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The History of the Truefolk

This is my big curvy knife.  There are many others like it, but this one is mine.  I named her "Tartcleaver".

Descended from ancestors who dwelt in the harsh northern territories of Eastern Elanthia, the halflings are a tough, colorful people with a rich heritage of myth and a deep-seated reverence for the land and all good things in it. While the varieties of small pony they once bred are now extinct, the equine influences from their past still figure largely in the present-day halflings' customs and colloquialisms.

Among the eastern halfling population, the importance of family, community and the race as a whole (referred to as Truefolk among themselves) is celebrated in an ancient ceremony each year, called the Trine. The word Trine, as well as being the major halfling holiday, is also used to refer to the three original branches of the halfling nation, the Mhoragian, Brughan and Malghavan.

Centuries later, the calamitous events of the Despana War resulted in the formation of a fourth branch, the Paradis halflings, who migrated to the western side of the continent and settled there. While halflings are small in stature, rarely reaching more than 3'4" in height, they are, nonetheless, hardy and have a great capacity for courage, a quick intelligence and, unless seriously provoked, a congenial nature.

Chapter One
Creation Myth: Origins
Sidebar A: Map of the Halfling Territories
Chapter Two
  Distant Days: Halfling Development Prior to the Third Age
Sidebar B: The Trine
Chapter Three
  The Third Age: Halflings and the Undead Wars
Sidebar C: The Roots of "The Halfling Folk Sagas"
Chapter Four
  Age of Chaos and Beyond: The Trinity of Truefolk
Sidebar D: Memailly Rachidesic, the Avatar
Chapter Five
  Age of Chaos and Beyond: The Journey of the Paradis
Sidebar E: Notes on the Halfling "Ger"



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