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Half-Elves: From Outsiders to Heroes
Half-Elves in Relation to the Other Races

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The Illistim and Ardenai tend to be the most accepting of half-elves. The Illistim have been less intolerant because of their scholarly traditions and in fact, the human Aramur Forean, eventual leader of the Black Wolves, was educated in Ta'Illistim. The Ardenai are the least haughty of the elven houses and traditionally serve as emissaries to the other races. The scheming Nalfein often find half-elves to be valuable tools in their endeavors. While the Nalfein hold little respect for those not of pure blood, half-elves often serve as important contacts within the less-desirable portions of society. Half-bloods can also often easily effect simple disguises to pass as either human or elven, which comes in handy for intrigue of various sorts. The elves of Ta'Loenthra are traditionally quite haughty and have little esteem for the "lesser" races, which includes elves "polluted" with inferior human blood. The Vaalor elves remain the most intolerant in regard to half-elves and are often almost violent in their distaste at the mixing of the races.

While the Ardenai and Illistim are mentioned as less intolerant, half-elves in those cities are still second-class citizens and usually shunned by upper society. The aversion shown for half-bloods by all elves is often exhibited on the premise that it is a disgrace to elvenkind that any elf would so lower themselves as to couple with a human. Half-elves are visible reminders that some have done so. Their existence also preys on a rarely admitted, lurking fear among many elves that humans are not as inferior as commonly believed and that they can be attractive and even worthy mates.

The sylvankind in general tend to be more accepting of half-elves than the Elven Houses, but much of this is due to the fact it is extremely rare to find half-elves within the core sylvan communities. Sylvans are extreme isolationists, rarely allowing human (or any other) visitors within their cultural centers. Sylvans who venture forth from their home communities are those most likely to have mixed-blood progeny. While these half-sylvan children are not shunned by their society, they are never admitted into the Guilds.

Dark Elves
Both the Dhe'nar and the Faendryl are notoriously arrogant and usually exhibit extreme disdain for half-elves. A half-blood child in Faendryl society is very likely to meet with an "accidental death" soon after birth or even be reported as stillborn to protect the secret. Like the sylvans, the Faendryl are isolationists and half-blood children are usually only born to those Faendryl who travel away from their city and even then only in the rarest of circumstances.

The Dhe'nar have their own private breeding program to maintain the purity of their bloodlines and it is strictly enforced, on pain of death. The Dhe'nar tend to view half-elves in general as flawed and contradictory to their sense of perfection. There have always been exceptional individual half-elves who have managed to gain some modicum of acceptance with the Faendryl or Dhe'nar, but they are far from the norm.

Humans generally do not discriminate between the various categories of elves. To most humans, an elf is an elf and in their eyes, a half-elf is just another elf. Unlike in the Elven City-States, discrimination against half-elves is codified into law in the human empire. While the elves tend to be overall more snobbish in their attitudes towards those with mixed blood, half-elves living in the human territories often face much worse living conditions based on their legal status.

Half-elves in places like Tamzyrr are often no better off than slaves. Cities like Lolle and Solhaven have stopped enforcing Chaston's Edict when it is in their interest to do so and half-elves can find a bit more acceptance, though never full integration. Elstreth also tends to be more tolerant due to the valiant assistance given by Voln members of all races who have fought alongside humans against the Horned Cabal. In the early 5000's River's Rest became a haven for unsavory types and those who did not wish to be under the thumb of Imperial law and thus many half-elves have migrated there over time.

While some districts may be less restrictive towards elves in general, half-elves still find themselves in a unique and uncomfortable position most of the time. Half-elven longevity adds to their sense of otherness when raised among humans. This can be a cause of jealousy or even fear among the humans. Most humans also retain at least some of the deep-seated hatred of elvenkind because of the troubled past, and this is reflected in the treatment of half-elves within human society.

The dwarves tend to stick to their clans and are not very forthcoming with anyone not dwarven. They are a practical people in matters of trade and if there is a silver to be made, the race of the others involved in a transaction is rarely of particular concern. This generally disinterested outlook extends to the typical dwarven view of half-elves. The worst that can usually be heard is a muttered comment about "clanless mutts." The exception would be the Kanshael dwarves who have taken on many of the attitudes of their Dhe'nar masters and view half-elves with a noted distaste.

The giantkin for the most part take others as they come and judge each person on an individual basis, rather than by their race or social standing. The giantkin are no different in this regard when dealing with half-elves. The individual physical prowess, store of knowledge, or merchant skills of the half-elf is much more at issue than their mixed-race parentage. The one major exception is that many of the T'Kirem Bear Clan will not look with favor on anyone culturally or racially associated with Turamzzyrian humans, due to the long war with Imperial armies in the Shartenal mountains.

Halflings are not terribly biased against half-elves, though not particularly warm either. They tend to be more akin to the giantkin and dwarves in their regard for people of other races as individuals. Halflings of the three tribes often hold some residual animosity towards anyone with Ardenai blood, even if it is only half. The Paradis halflings are inclined to be more accepting of half-elves, especially of those with sylvan blood.




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