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Half-Elven Songs
Jori's Eyes

Jori's eyes are crystal blue
And mine are muddy brown,
But my eyes always get a smile
And Jori's get a frown.

Jori's hair flows golden, like
The wheatstalks in the wind,
My hair is ratty ugly, but
They say Jori's is sin.

Jori, why are they all calling?
Jori, stop and feel the sun --
Jori, why must you be running?
Jori dear, what have you done?

Jori's skin is pale as parchment,
Mine is freckle town,
Jori never gets a sunburn,
I am suntan brown.

Jori says she hears the birds
When I can't hear a thing,
Jori whistles like a robin,
I can only sing.

Jori, why are they all yelling?
Jori, why can't they be kind?
Jori, why does no one like you?
I find the answers hard to find....

They say elf-ears have pointy tips,
But Jori's ears are round,
And Jori is like any other
Person I have found.

But Jori is a lonely girl
And Jori walks away,
And folks use vicious words to her
That Ma says I can't say.

Jori, where has your Da gone to?
Jori, why does your Ma cry?
Jori, why aren't you apprenticed?
Kaith taught me to bake a pie.

Jori, why do they all hate you?
Jori, can't we still be friends?
Jori, all your life is riddles...
Birth brings riddles, death brings ends.

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