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Elven History

Elven Dogma and Theology

In the beginning, there were the Drakes. They were not deities, technically, but for all intents and purposes they were treated as such. The Elves, full of pride even so early in their culture, were forced to cower in the forests. Graciously, they accepted the kindness of the Arkati, who kept the Drakes at bay. To the elves, the Arkati were gods, simply by virtue of their seemingly limitless power and apparent immortality...

Time on their Hands:
The Evolution of Elven Art

The history of Elven art, though marked by very little upheaval or rapid change, is nevertheless of interest as a window into the culture itself. On account of their well known fascination with aesthetics, it is unsurprising that Elves have a long history of artistic endeavor. A detailed examination of the connection between Elven artistic expression and Elven society is not possible in a piece of this brevity, but as a general overview it should provide some sense of the key qualities found in each major time period...



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