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The Elemental Wars

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Heavy metal.Opposing elements have been known to war with one another. This is most prominently carried out by Water and Fire, with Air and Earth generally following suit.

In all conflicts I have witnessed or heard accounts of, Water is usually allied Air, and Fire is usually allied with Earth. Rarely do Wind or Earth spearhead any conflicts between each other, and most often, they only work with Water or Fire respectively, not truly taking any real hand in actual battle should one arise. ~ Ulithian

Elemental wars are different than any most sentient beings wage. Elementals have an innate understanding of the change of the world around them, they know and accept that this change can be violent. They know they are a unique embodiment of this world, and that they too must be part of the clash and changes. There is no animosity once a war is over, only a simple acceptance of the natural cycle of things. It is rare to witness such an event, as they most often take place on grounds that are primal and nearly inhospitable, but some have been seen and recorded. Woe to those who get caught in such a clash.




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