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The Third Echelon

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Elementals of the 3rd Echelon are among the most rare anyone might ever encounter, and are indeed among the most powerful of their kin. It is here that we note that elementals do not age by our standards, they merely exist until their source of power is extinguished, and as long as they might live, they continue to absorb the energy of their own element. Golems of the 3rd Echelon are nonexistent, as the extensive intelligence of 3rd Echelon elementals has far surpassed anything that can be mimicked through magical creation, though elementals of the 3rd Echelon can be summoned from the Prime Elemental Plane with a huge risk even to the most knowledgeable of mages. Due to this fact, elementals of the 3rd Echelon are not considered mindless automatons by those who know their kind.



Fire elementals of the 3rd Echelon often live within the very crater of a volcano, making them, thankfully, a rare sight to most adventurers. It is rumored that 3rd Echelon fire elementals use these volcanoes to travel to the very core of the world itself where they join their kin. They are truly fearsome to behold, being completely and utterly in control of their element. Like their lower kin, these elementals tend to be highly scrutinizing of anything that is not of their own attunement, and will simply consume or destroy anything that is not of flame.


Earth elementals of the 3rd Echelon reside deep within the earth itself, and are almost never seen near mountains or anything about the surface. Only a few people have ever encountered one of these great creatures, and reports say they are rather patient when dealing with things not of their element. They are said to not take any form at all, simply meshing with a large expanse of rock underground and manipulating it as they wish. Legends say that particularly large earthquakes are caused by earth elementals of the 3rd Echelon. However, while they are quite capable of such feats, most earthquakes are not caused by these creatures.

The subclass of earth elementals, the soil elementals, also are known to be powerful enough to be ranked among the 3rd Echelon. Even in this state, they are generally considered weak by the standards set by their other kin, but are capable of holding their own in a battle should the need arise. They are gentle-mannered and reclusive by nature, and show a very strong affinity to plant life of all kinds. These elementals are very aware of life around them, more so than any of their other kin, and most seek to nourish it through some means.

Water elementals of the 3rd Echelon prefer the mysterious depths of the ocean to any other body of water, and it is rare to find them in any other place. Though reclusive by nature, they are not averse to speaking with others not of their kind. Ware these water elementals when they have been angered, however, for they can destroy the most skilled fleet of ships on a whim. Angry water elementals of the 3rd Echelon are attributed with tidal waves, and they are certainly capable of such feats. However, the way of the elementals is not subtle in the least, one must remember, and it would be glaringly obvious as to why such destructive measures were taken.
Air elementals of the 3rd Echelon are much like their lower counterparts, differing only in power. They are generally apathetic towards any other form of life, and at times are quite friendly. There is an otherworldly quality to these beings, and they are very wise. They can gather great storms with ease, and when angry it is not uncommon for them to be seen as a whirling vortex blotting most of the sky. Generally, though, they are content and free-spirited as their lower counterparts.
Composite Elementals

Lava elementals of the 3rd Echelon are rarely seen, but their existence is proven. Only glimpsed briefly in the craters of a fierce volcano, these beings are thought to be content to dwell within the magma itself, thus they are thankfully rarely ever seen beyond their preferential home. Even then, it takes a great need to rouse them, as the patience of earth is instilled within them, but ware to those who have angered a lava elemental of the 3rd Echelon. The only recorded account of one of these magnificent beings manifesting describes them as huge pillars of living lava that can ascend into the sky should they wish. Unfortunately, this was only a written account - there were no survivors other than the charred scrap of a journal left behind.


Mud elementals of the 3rd Echelon are the rarest of all Composite Elementals, as their natural source of power is usually in a state of constant change. They are, however, known to exist, and are a fabulous sight to behold. Often described as an entire bog or swamp, they spread themselves out everywhere within their domain, normally as deadly tentacles of mud which drag any would-be trespassers to their death. Up until recently, these were thought to be separate elementals themselves, but it is confirmed that usually they are part of one whole elemental that simply will not collect into one large mass as its other cousins normally do.

Steam elementals of the 3rd Echelon are considerably more mobile than their lower kin, able to leave their place of origin for long periods of time without fear of fading away due to the loss of their fragile source of power. Often being mistaken for wind elementals, these types of steam elementals can easily be mistaken for a cloud - woe to those who walk into this cloud, though, for a painful, if not fatal, experience awaits them.

From the accounts I have read, these beings are usually docile and content to stay in their home, but when angered, can spread up to a mile to become a deadly boiling cloud. ~ Ulithian


Lightning elementals of the 3rd Echelon are rarely spoken of, but they do exist. They are a breathtaking sight, having lived in thunderstorms so long that they are simply an enormous mass of living light. They are immensely powerful, and rumors persist that they no longer face the dilemma of their lower kin, that they can sustain themselves indefinitely. They are mostly unconcerned with the world below, but when they are, be very wary.

In my travels over the thousands of years of life, I have only encountered two. They are secretive about their origins and, when pushed, are quick to anger. ~ Ulithian




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