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The Second Echelon

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Golems of the 2nd Echelon are somewhat more versatile then their lower cousins, and depending on the skill of their creator, they can be set to a task and make somewhat intelligent decisions. Thus, they do not need to be given explicit instructions as their lower kin must. They are, of course, also able to handle the element they are crafted of far better than those of the lower Echelon.

Elementals of the 2nd Echelon are the most commonly seen of elementals, usually being termed by most as lesser/greater or minor/major elementals. They often fiercely protect their area of origin. They have little concern for our kind, and some are considered mindless automatons, and indeed, some certainly can be. Others possess a rudimentary intelligence that can range from that of simple beasts to a cunning that rivals the lesser humanoids. This intellect tends to vary based on the particular element, and, to some degree, upon the skill of the summoner, if said elemental is summoned. As an example, 2nd Echelon elementals of fire may possess intelligence, but the very nature of fire itself would gear this toward consuming anything within sight, while a 2nd Echelon elemental of water with the very same level of intelligence may be considered more intelligent due to its innately passive nature.

Fire elementals of the 2nd Echelon are quite a dangerous sight to behold, usually their kind are found around volcanoes, and thus guard them more fiercely than any other of their kin - without it, they would cease to burn. They fight with decidedly more ferocity than most, and almost all fire elementals of the 2nd Echelon will consider anything not attuned to fire to be fuel.

Commonly-seen threats:
Fire Elementals, Fire Guardians.


Earth elementals of the 2nd Echelon are more often seen then their lower kin, but are reclusive by nature. You will rarely catch a glimpse of one beyond the confines of a cave, or some other tunnel into the earth, and this gives them a very distinct advantage since you are within their very element. An extremely rare subclass of this type are primarily comprised of soil, and their strength is a far cry to those created of rock. The subclass of soil-based earth elementals are the least threatening of any elemental being, and elementals of this type are usually used by mages of varying cultures to aid in the cultivating of land. Mostly, earth elementals of the 2nd Echelon are content to leave us alone, preferring simply to stay within the embrace of the underground, but ware those who have encroached upon their domain and their peace, for they are fierce in combat.

Commonly-seen threats:


Water elementals of the 2nd Echelon are more rarely seen, as they, like most of their kin, stay within a localized area, and those elementals of this degree tend to make deeper water their home. The sheer variety of forms that pure water elementals of this power is amazing, they are able to mesh with their element completely - becoming a tentacle of water or a spinning whirlpool with equal ease. They are what we would consider peaceful for their kind, but should any violate or impede upon their homes in any fashion, they are known to retaliate - the term "the sea shows no mercy" may have been a result of a run-in with water elementals of the 2nd Echelon. An interesting facet of water elementals of this echelon is that they can venture upon land if they want. In such case, they usually take to high ground and become ice. There is little difference between the two except in terms of natural abilities, after all, you cannot create a whirlpool on land. Another notable difference is that water elementals that have turned to ice appear to be far more aggressive and protective than their water-bound kin.

Commonly-seen threats:
Ice Elementals, Glacial Morphs, Animated Slushes, Glaceis.


Air elementals of the 2nd Echelon are most interesting, as they are closely tied to those of lightning. Thankfully, most people of Elanith have little dealings with these peculiar beings, as they rarely wish to concern themselves with any airships that may pass through their realm. Additionally, it is very hard to anger elementals of air, as the winds constantly move and never stay in one place for long, thus they count the whole sky as their home and seem oblivious to the occasional visitor. They are among the wisest of their kind, but rarely choose to deal with the affairs of the world below them. They can, when the need arises, join to form powerful storms that can literally destroy entire towns. Usually, it takes quite a great need for these usually very calm and peaceful beings to go to such drastic measures.

There is an exception to this innately peaceful nature, however. As these elementals flow with the tides of wind in their careless fashion, they can whirl through storms, where they become extremely hostile. It is rumored that so many air elementals become 'trapped', for a lack of a better word, in this state, that these storms linger around one unfortunate (for any living beings underneath) spot for long periods of time. Cyclones and hurricanes have the same, if not more so, deadly effect on these beings. Interestingly enough, if these storms continue to churn with the presence of air elementals for extremely long periods of time, the site can become an elemental nexus where the power of the Prime Elemental Planes leaks through. It is thought that this is how air elementals normally manifest into this world, as intense power is needed to draw forth the power of the Planes. How they escape such a permanently violent place and flow with the winds of the world is unknown.

Commonly-seen threats:

Composite Elementals:

Though rare, composite elementals -- that is, elementals comprised of two differing powers of the Prime Elemental Planes -- are not unheard of. It is also possible, though even rarer, for elementals of two differing elements to form one of these composite elementals. They only exist in the 2nd Echelon and above, mainly because the power it takes to fuse two elementals together (especially those of opposing elements) far exceeds that of the 1st Echelon. The following produce these types of elementals:

Air and Water Lightning
Water and Earth   Mud
Earth and Fire   Lava
Fire and Water   Steam


Lava elementals are a mesh of both fire and earth, and they are one of the more common composite elementals as fire and earth have some ties to one another. They usually manifest within volcanoes, often staying within the core and forever becoming one with the magma that spewed them forth. Occasionally, they will be seen outside their fiery womb, and woe to those who encounter them. While slow moving, they have acquired the deadliness of fire combined with the massive resistance of the earth.

Commonly-seen threats:
Lava Golem.


Mud elementals are a mixing of both earth and water, and are usually found in bogs or some other type of wetland area. Though extremely unusual to find them out of these environments, they've also been seen in deltas and muddy beaches. This mixture tends to produce a somewhat weak elemental - Earth's strength is worn away by Water, though it imparts some of the fluidity of water upon a land being, which can be seen as some advantage, though not extremely so. However, this does not mean one should not tread carefully in the presence of such a being. When one is in a swamp or a bog of some sort, mud elementals become a large concern, patiently waiting and blending into the surroundings to drag any trespassers down into the suffocating embrace of the earth for eternity.

Commonly-seen threats:


Steam elementals, manifested from the opposing powers of Fire and Water, are usually found in lava tubes that have reached a shoreline, or bubbling geysers found near mountains. They are extremely rare due to the fact that their sole creation relies on the clashing of the Prime Elemental Planes, and to find two opposing intersections so close to each other is nearly unheard of. They cannot move from whatever place they first manifest, as the fragile balance of two vastly different elements can be upset very easily, thus destroying them in the process. They are usually only summoned by mages for numerous purposes.

Commonly-seen threats:


Lightning elementals can almost be considered very common compared to other composite elementals, though in fact they are quite rare overall. Their only known forms are classified among the 2nd and higher Echelons. Due to their nature, it is not exactly known how they are so common compared to their Prime counterparts, but tales of air elementals causing intense raging storms out at sea in order to create these powerful beings are widely told, though the reason why is not known. They are the most unpredictable of elementals, and doubtlessly possess an uncanny strength, but their weakness is in their expenditure of energy. Also, lightning elementals of the 2nd Echelon have been known to destroy themselves in the process of attacking. Powerful, quick, and quite deadly, this is their downfall - they have no stable element to sustain their massive power for extended periods of time.

Commonly-seen threats:




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