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Great Elementals

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Great Elementals are a degree of their own. They are, without a doubt, the most powerful of their kin outside of the Prime Elemental Planes. When they call, all those beneath them will follow. When they anger, all others beneath them anger. They are the most pure embodiment of their element to be found outside of the Prime Planes themselves. They are among the most varied of their classification, and are often attributed a name by those who are witness to their influence. This usually leads the named Great Elemental to regard those with bemusement, as they often take on their own name in a language of their own that is nearly unpronounceable to anyone. While they are powerful, they will normally only stay in a localized area and never venture further. This has lead to some primitive bands of civilization attributing them as local gods or spirits, but the educated know better. While they hold an awe-inspiring amount of power among their, for lack of a better word, home, it is found that it diminishes significantly if they venture away. There is a theory behind why this might happen: As with the elementals of the 3rd Echelon, Great Elementals are quite ancient due to their existence, and they are like any other in regards to the basic principles of elemental beings.

However, it is thought that because they have lived so long in a general area, they become intrinsically attuned to their surroundings and the flows of elemental power within. This would give them incredible control and power over their element, and also account for their extreme rarity - most places change over time, thus their source of power may be extinguished.


Great Elementals of fire are a sight no one should ever wish to see. They possess an intelligence and a drive for destruction that is unmatched by any but the cursed undead. They are more scrutinous than any of their kind, and have a haughtiness about them and a blind cruelty to those not of the flame.

Great Fire Elementals of Note

While wandering around the volcano on Teras Island, Avregol's forms shift between those of a towering pillar of flames and a dark fiery-robed figure. The mannerisms of this particular Great Elemental have lead scholars to label it as male.

Once thought to be no more than a story told to children as a warning against straying far from the village at night, Avregol's existence was recently confirmed to be more than a mere rumor. The volcano on Teras Island overshadowing the dwarven mining colony of Kharam-Dzu surged with new activity, and creatures born of flame flowed down its slopes to attack the town. Like most Fire Elementals, Avregol takes a harsh view of those who are not 'of the flame' as his kind is, and sought to scour the Isle clean of all other living things. Using the intense focal power of the volcano to increase his own energy, he was able to cause vast destruction during his time of greatest strength.

Whispered tales and legends around Kharam-Dzu's taverns suggest that it was Avregol himself that originally created the island. The veracity of these tales may never be confirmed, as when the Great Fire Elemental does appear, he rarely speaks, choosing to either incinerate those who find him or observe from a distance in dignified silence.

Little is known about this Great Fire Elemental, however, there currently is research and study going into this elemental that will perhaps surface at another date.


Great Elementals of earth have been said to manifest as entire mountains of rock, and it is clear that they could do so if they wish. They are unmoving, for the most part, barely taking any concerns than the thoughts that slowly drift through their minds. It is very, very hard to disturb such a powerful being, and they are usually very benevolent, but if a Great Earth Elemental is angered, beware, for there is no escape from them.

Great Earth Elementals of Note

In the far southern reaches of the DragonSpine Mountains, it is said there lives a Great Earth Elemental. Known to some as Ghatha, and to others as simply "The Earthen Father", his only known form is that of a towering mountain in the DragonSpine range, whose spire ascends far into the sky.

Historians and scholars became aware of Ghatha's existence due to a manifestation in Elemental form many years ago. A small village in the shadow of Ghatha's mountain was destroyed due to a tremendous avalanche with very few survivors. A recollection from one of those survivors is as follows:

"A face appeared one night in the mountain. Our Elders say it was the Earthen Father, a guardian who watched over our people. They say he would protect us from our enemies, and bring many prosperous years to our village. So wrong, oh so wrong they were. The Earthen Father came to us one night, a massive face formed within the cliffs of the mountain. Stony pupils gazed down upon our village as he just seemed to watch. Many of our people were afraid, some remained in their homes. We do not know what angered him, or what brought the destruction to us. We heard a great rumble, some thought the Earthen Father was laughing, but the rumble grew louder and the very ground began to shake. Many boulders came crashing down upon the village. A mighty avalanche besieged the village. Not many survived, my entire family lost. After the great avalanche stopped, some who survived say the Father looked sad, and disappeared back into the mountain cliffs. Why did he bring death to our village?"

This account can only show the magnitude of power a Great Elemental of Earth possesses. Since this incident, Ghatha remains dormant and has not shown his Elemental form, but the mountain still sits beneath the lofty clouds... perhaps one day Ghatha will return again.

It is speculated that Ghatha did not intend to harm this village, and indeed what some thought was laughing truly was. Perhaps enjoyment or entertainment out of watching beings of flesh scurry around their daily lives amused this Great Elemental on some level. ~ Isymir


Great Elementals of water are very elusive, but are generally very neutral in their stance of non-elemental beings. They have an intrinsic understanding of the ways of the world, and are usually very patient and do not act drastically by elemental standards. They are known to drift with the currents of the ocean, and rarely venture into streams or rivers.

Great Water Elementals of Note

Nelemar often takes the form of a humanoid-shaped watery figure when manifesting to others on land. The mannerisms of this particular Great Elemental lead most to label it a male, and he certainly does not care one way or another.

Nelemar is known to travel over the seas of Western Elanith, though the waters around Teras Island is thought to be his prime domain. He is very accommodating to other beings that are not of his element, and considers the area his charge and protects it in a very benevolent manner. It is said that he does know of Charl and respects his power within the seas, but it is clear his goals and that Arkati's are not the same, as the philosophies of the Elements rarely are the same as any Arkati's, though he will defer to Charl should he become interested in matters of his domain. He is content to stay out of the affairs of people unless his hand is forced or a great need arises. He and a plethora of lesser degrees of elementals are known to frequent the area, and it was not known until recently why such a large number of them dwelled there. An Elemental War broke out upon the small island of Teras Island, a clash between Nelemar and Avregol, a Great Fire Elemental. It appears that Nelemar had kept a close watch on the island, as he had known about the volcano's presence and Avregol for countless years and had been prepared to counter any move the Great Fire Elemental made.

The ensuing struggle resulted in Nelemar's victory, and the activity of Avregol has since been drastically reduced upon the island. Little else is known of this Great Elemental, as he was usually pushed back during the war and rarely seeks out the company of those not of his kind.


Great Elementals of air are often indistinguishable from their lower kin, but when they make themselves known, it is very apparent. They are serene and most often feminine in appearance, which is an oddity among the elemental world as they usually have nothing in common with any gender, and any that do are usually attributed to them by other cultures. Great Elementals of wind are usually always seen as delicate-faced women with long white hair that flows behind them seemingly endlessly. They are very kind, but, as all their lower counterparts, generally unconcerned with things not affecting their own world. Due to their innately powerful nature, they are not affected by naturally-occurring storms in such a drastic way as those of lower Echelons, but they can certainly be angered. Woe to those who incur the wrath of Great Air Elementals, the storms they can gather can spread for miles and wreak havoc on the countryside.

Great Air Elementals of Note

Celiel, sometimes referred to as The Watcher by those who honor her power as they would an Arkati, is a very mysterious Great Elemental. Her exact domain is not known, but it appears to be somewhere near the DragonSpine Mountains. She has not manifested for several centuries, but when she has, it has been a very impressive sight for any fortunate enough to witness it. Her face is a mask of expressionless and ethereal beauty, and the way in which she moves is the epitome of grace.

When she has been seen, she has never been directly acting against or for anything. She has simply drifted carelessly by, often with an entourage of other air elementals. At other times her face has been seen gazing down at the ground, which has earned her the aforementioned title. Scattered villages situated at the feet of the DragonSpine have taken to honoring her regularly as they would an Arkati.

Composite Elementals

Great Composite Elementals, due to their very nature, are considered to be nonexistent except for the confirmed presence of Veiki, a Great Lightning Elemental. Either way, Great Composite Elementals no longer exist in our world today, and if they do, they're very adept at hiding. Thus, the only listed below is the only confirmed Great Composite Elemental.


Great Elementals of lightning are almost completely unprecedented. All we have of them is one ancient legend in elven lore dated back to nearly the beginning of the Empire, roughly 50 thousand years ago, and it does not delve into the full extent of this truly extraordinary being. We can only assume that any of these are completely gone from the face of Elanthia, or are utterly secretive. Either way, as legend can provide the only information about this mysterious being, the legend is what shall be presented.

Great Lightning Elementals of Note

Whispers of Veiki's origins point to many things, from the cataclysmic energies released from the Ur-Daemon War, to great storms called forth by the elementals of wind shortly after. Either way, Veiki has been among us for some time. Rarely is he seen, but when he travels, all know: the night sky becomes alight as the brightest of noons, and raging storms follow in his wake. I present to you the story that has been collected from various witnesses of his supposed disappearance.

"We saw a column of light strike the [DragonSpine] mountains, blue like the eyes of our fair kind. We knew it was Veiki. It could only be he. We watched as the light continually spun, and it was then we noticed that thousands of them [wind elementals] were swirling around the column, singing in their whispery, melodical voices that surrounded us like a fog. [Veiki] did not seem to be in pain at all, though he had not a face to look at, we could see that if he was trapped, he could have easily repelled them. But he stood, as that glowing pillar of blue light, and it began to ascend into the heavens. They [wind elementals] seemed to meld into the Great Elemental, and his form began to flatten out thinly, covering the entire area where we were camped out in an eerie blue light that flickered rapidly. Without any warning of what might happen next, [Veiki] suddenly was torn asunder, his form degenerating into countless lightning bolts that flung outwards across the sky and disappeared. We know not what has became of the [wind elementals] that were there, but no sign of them was left."

This account was taken from a scouting patrol of Vaalorian elves, and they are the only ones to have documented this event. It is known that on the night of when this supposedly occurred, great storms began to rise across all of our ancestral land. A strange happening, indeed, and this is why it must be recorded and preserved.

- Jisanlyrc Vin'ziel, Scholar of Illistim

It may be a simple coincidence, but other elementals of lightning were significantly fewer in number before this supposed destruction of Veiki than they are now. ~ Ulithian




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