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The First Echelon

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Elementally-attuned golems are, by their very nature, creations of another outside force. Though usually crafted by mages to do a certain task over and over, it is not unheard of to encounter a golem formed by an elemental itself in order to aid in the protection of its domain. In the latter case, the area wherein the golem has formed is doubtlessly an area of intense elemental and often magical forces, so tread lightly. Golems are, for the most part, brainless and set on the task they were intended to do. They will do this without thought for anything but the task itself, and will mindlessly carry it out until they are destroyed, instructed by their masters to cease, or are overpowered by another force versed in the arts of golems. It is here that we must note that elemental golems are never the pure embodiment of the Planes as elementals are - rather, they are created, whether by an elemental or a mage, they are always created. They are a mixture of both the residual power of the Prime Elemental Planes and the elemental power of our own world. This is always the case when it comes to dealing with golems based upon a particular element, no matter the origins or power of their creator.

Elementals of the 1st Echelon are more likely to be seen as magical animals, as they possess a rudimentary intelligence and do act with what can be classified as a will of their own. They are usually seen only in areas of elemental power where they manifest, and may be quite hostile when something not of their element enters the place of their "birth". The only constant among elementals of the 1st Echelon is that they harbor a deep love for whatever place spawned them. They can be influenced partially by those practiced in elemental lore and greatly influenced by elementals of their own nature that are of higher power.

1st Echelon elementals are somewhat common, though usually unnoticed by most due to their very nature. Due to the inexact trickling of powers through an elemental nexus, it is thought that the smallest bits of this energy manifest as an elemental of the 1st Echelon, even though most nexuses have more than enough energy to bring the spark of animation to a being of higher power. It is also not unprecedented for an elemental of the 1st Echelon to absorb power over time and thus be counted among those of the 2nd Echelon. Note that Composite Elementals are nonexistent in this classification, due to the fact that the power to merge the energy of differently-attuned elemental nexuses is so great that the resulting elemental formed would be counted among the 2nd Echelon.

Some specific qualities of each elemental are listed below.

While fire elementals in general are among the most chaotic and destructive elementals, those of the 1st Echelon tend to be far more docile than their more powerful kin. Often described as flames no smaller than that of a candle and no bigger than a common campfire, they tend to be quite shy as they cannot manifest in a powerful form. Additionally, study of the fire elementals of the 1st Echelon points that they are among the most quick-witted of their type, this may be due to fire's natural urge to consume being suppressed out of need to survive until they become greater in power. Most all fire elementals need a source to sustain themselves, so you will seldom find one outside of a volcano or other source of heat.


Earth elementals of the 1st Echelon are one of the rarest sights anyone might see. Often retreating to the depths of the earth itself, little is known about them. Like all elementals of earth, they are undoubtedly wise in the ways of the world, but tend to leave themselves out of affairs of the surface, content to reside forever within the rock that breathed some semblance of life into them. They are usually found at the base of mountains or within them, however, there have been reports of others being found within hills.
Water elementals of the 1st Echelon tend to be more commonly seen than their counterparts, many have attributed them a playful nature, like that of dolphins, and it is not uncommon to see one or even groups of them swimming alongside a ship for extended periods of time. They have been known to venture on land every once in a great while, and this may be due to their inquisitive nature. They tend to dwell near the coast or in rivers and lakes.
Air elementals of the 1st Echelon differ from those of greater power in that they only take the form of gentle currents of wind. They are generally reclusive and are practically invisible unless they manifest themselves cloaked in mist. They are quite content to travel the skies unhindered, and will rarely take notice of what is beneath them.





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