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A History of Dwarves
The Wandering Clans (Age of Chaos)

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Of the dwarves that left Kalaza, there were a few clans that never settled into a new city. Instead, they moved across the lands of Elanthia, settling into Human towns, or staying in the wilds. In traveling free, they stayed unified as a clan, and took the name of the family that had ruled them in the UnderGrounds for centuries prior. And those that had not already established a familial distinction soon did so.

The Toktrog Clan came to be known for their skill in establishing trails. They were one of the very few clans of dwarves that openly studied magic. They learned, within their travels, how to harness the spiritual magics of the forests and rivers. Prior to the emigration, magic was not commonly studied in the UnderGrounds. While magical metals were handled carefully, no actual incantations were learned. However, the skilled eye of the Toktrog dwarves enabled them to forage resources from the lands with ease. Their knowledge of metals and weaponry made them a welcome sight amongst other "wanderers." Until the incantations were learned within the clan, they exchanged skills and knowledge for these new spiritual spells, with whomever they could find to trade.

In a similar fashion, the Ralgrenek Clan specialized in Imaera's domain, mastering the study of herbs and vegetation. Many of the Ralgrenek Clan discovered, for the first time amongst dwarves, the healing properties of the vast plant life in Elanthia, both in the lands above and in the caverns beneath the earth. To this day, the Ralgrenek Clan boasts the most skilled of the dwarven empaths. As these skills are somewhat uncommon amongst dwarves, the other clans always welcomed them, and the Ralgrenek Clan never found a need to build cities unto themselves. It was the Ralgrenek Clan who also contributed greatly to spreading the knowledge of the healing properties of the lichens, mosses, toadstools, and other herbal growths deep within the mountains.

The Roramnoak Clan settled into three cities, and were considered wanderers only by virtue of the constant travel of their merchants from one city to the next. Zul Roram was built on the east side of the DragonSpine and is considered the main exchange point for trade with Elves and Giantmen. Trade with those outside of the Turammzyrian Empire was done mostly through Khazar's Hold, on the west side of the DragonSpine. In later years, the Roramnoak negotiated to build Dhu Noakfhar, a vast underground holding beneath the city of Krestle, where the dwarves do a majority of their trade with the Turammzyrian Empire. Zul Brechinzm, in the hills west of Mestanir, was built in later years. The Roramnoak Clan was the most significant contributor of dwarven products into the hands of other races throughout Elanthia.



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