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A History of Dwarves
The Southern Clans (The Age of Chaos)

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Most of the emigrating clans would travel north, west or east of Kalaza during the Great Emigration, but there were several that headed south as well, to the southernmost regions of the DragonSpine. It was during this time that the Dhe'nar Dark Elves had begun to rebuild their underground city of Sharath in the Jungles south of Rhoska'Tor. Lacking the numbers and necessary skills, they sought out members of other races to assist them with the construction of their city. The Dhe'nar were far less diplomatic than other elves in obtaining the help they needed. They captured and enslaved hundreds, including those dwarves who had emigrated too far south. Those dwarves (and members of the other races) who tried to escape were quickly re-captured and put back to work, deeper within the ground under Sharath.

Eventually realizing the futility of escape, the dwarves set themselves to what they did best. Time made it clear to their captors that their skill exceeded that of any of the other races held captive under the earth. The Dhe'nar eventually set the other races free, and gave the dwarves a small degree of freedom to mine the caverns of Sharath. This decision paid off well for the Dhe'nar. Once freed of constant oppression, the dwarves, led by Clan Leader Greetok, rebuilt Sharath and founded two cities of their own deep within the earth. The dwarves settled into their skill, and uncovered vast veins of magical metals and numerous caches of precious gems, deep underneath the foundation of Sharath.

The Dhe'nar were quite pleased with this discovery, and the dwarves were content to be left alone to ply their trade; thus a mutually beneficial relationship was reached between the captors and the slaves. The Dhe'nar would come to treat the Khanshael dwarves with great respect, and over the centuries of exposure to the magical nodes deep within Sharath, these dwarves would develop physical traits resembling those of their employers. And though originally of dwarven blood, this isolation from the other dwarven clans makes the Khanshael dwarves an entirely unique entity within the race.



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