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Zelia, Keeper of the Moons
Goddess of the Moons and Insanity (Pantheon of Neutrality)

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Zelia is a lunatic in the purest sense of the word. Goddess of the moons and of insanity, the only thing consistent about her is that she is inconsistent, and is completely out of her mind. Zelia may be chaos personified.

Once a great lover of solitude, it is said that the Arkatis’ move to the moons at the Drakes’ behest was her undoing. It is not known, however, if it was the invasion of her privacy or the loneliness that may have ensued after her peers left for Elanthia that unseated her sanity. Whatever the case, she now takes a personal hand in the affairs of the mortal world, just as the other Arkati, blessing her followers with what she considers the greatest freedom of all: freedom from lucidity.

Zelia has a great dislike for Sheru. She feels that his tactic of scaring a person into madness is classless and brute-like, lacking a great deal in finesse and understanding of mortal mentality. There are much better ways to drive someone over the edge. She drives a misty chariot pulled by grey stallions, looking for people in need of her gift.

Zelia’s preferred humanoid manifestation is that of a woman with large green eyes and silver hair that always seems to be blowing wildly about her face. There is no trace of sanity anywhere in her expression, and she wears a silver breastplate and grey tunic. In manner, she is unpredictable and insane. Her symbol is a silver crescent moon on a field of black.

Literature on Zelia

Madness and Entropy: A Tale of Zelia

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