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V’tull, the Berserker
God of Combat and Bloodlust (Pantheon of Lornon)

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V’tull is the champion of the dark gods Almost single-minded in his goal of bloodletting for its own sake, the sight of the life’s blood of any creature seems to fill V’tull with ecstasy. Given his nature, he has spent all of his efforts in perfecting his fighting abilities and in using them at every opportunity.

While all of the gods rarely manifest themselves among mortals, V’tull does so more often than most. He regularly enters into the bodies of warriors, whose eyes are said to turn black as night when this happens, and turns them into killing machines. His willingness to divinely inspire assures that his devotees among the martial classes are many, even where his worship is prohibited by those who fear their warriors will turn against them.

V’tull’s preferred humanoid manifestation is that of a man with marble white skin and coal black eyes who towers over everyone he meets. He is always dressed in armor so stained with blood that its true color cannot be known. In manner, he is determined, righteous, obsessive and vengeful. His symbol is a black scimitar on a field of red.

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