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Voln, the Paladin
Destroyer of the Undead (Lesser Spirit)

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While not directly a servant of Lorminstra, Voln does owe much to her and shares her hatred of Luukos. Tales suggest that Voln's very existence is a result of Lorminstra's constant entreaties to Koar for some direct action to counter the spreading curse of Luukos' undead. Most tales attribute Voln's paternal lineage to Koar and a mortal woman. His upbringing, in a land where he witnessed loved ones lost to Luukos' curse, shaped him with an undying hatred of the undead and provided a lifelong mission.

Now fully cognizant of his own immortal nature, Voln has pledged himself to the release of every soul enslaved by Luukos.

Voln's form is that of a man in full armor of black chainmail topped by a white surcoat and carrying a white shield. In manner, he is grim and sometimes snide. His symbol is a white shield on a field of black.

You can read about the Order of Voln here.

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