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Voaris, the Charming
Patron of Young Love and Forbidden Love (Lesser Spirit)

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Voaris, patron of young love and especially forbidden love, is the twin brother of Laethe. He and his brother are the youngest of the Arkati, still considered young by their racial standards, orphaned by the Ur-Daemon War. His powers have not grown great enough to be counted among the other Arkati of Liabo, and he is watched over by Oleani.

Voaris is the ally of those who would love beyond what is allowed them by racial, social or age standards. Young lovers forbidden to wed by their parents, couples unable to marry because of differences in social standing, and others denied romance by circumstance often seek his aid.

Clerics of Voaris will wed anyone, so long as love is present. They will also aid lovers by giving sanctuary and often transportation to other places where the forbidden union will be allowed.

Voaris’ preferred humanoid manifestation is that of a young man with golden hair, fair skin and merry blue eyes. He most often dresses in courting clothes traditional to the area in which he is manifesting. In manner, he is clever and mischievous. His symbol is a yellow rose on a field of red.

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