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Tonis, the Fleetfooted, King of Thieves
God of Speed, Travel and Thieves (Pantheon of Liabo)

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Tonis is the messenger of the gods. He is the only offspring of Phoen and Oleani.

He is renowned for his speed, and for the shape he commonly chooses when on an errand. Even more frequently than his humanoid form, Tonis takes on the form of a golden pegasus whose hooves strike flames from the sky.

Tonis is also worshipped by thieves. Myths of his speed and daring spur his worshippers on to perform similar feats, and it is the skill and daring of their acts that motivates them more than the trinkets they take. In battle, Tonis can slay an army in a few moments by rushing among them and snatching the breath from their mouths.

Tonis’ preferred humanoid manifestation is that of a lithe young man dressed in a simple tunic carrying a messenger’s pouch across one shoulder. In manner, he is hyperactive and childlike. His symbol is a golden pegasus on a field of blue.

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