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Tilamaire, the Lithe
Patron of Music and Dance (Lesser Spirit)

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Tilamaire is the patron of music and dance. The servant of Cholen, it is said that he gained his position by singing a song so full of joy and laughter that Cholen knew this mortal must work to further his immortal designs.

Tilamaire frequently travels in the guise of a wandering minstrel to seek out new musical talents. Upon finding one worthy of his time, he offers to stay and tutor them, greatly increasing their skill and often bestowing magical abilities.

Tilamaire’s form is that of a young man with tawny hair, wide eyes, and full lips. He often dons a cloak like that of his master, and is seldom without several musical instruments on his person. In manner, he is carefree and exuberant. His symbol is a yellow note on a field of blue.

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