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The Huntress
Patroness of Vengeance and The Hunt (Lesser Spirit)

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The Huntress is the patroness of vengeance and the hunt. She is the dire enemy of Arachne, and often comes into conflict with Eorgina. She is not an Arkati, but an immortal spirit.

Once mortal, the Huntress was granted her immortality by an unknown deity, be it Arkati or other. She once was the bodyguard of a great king, but ran afoul of the king’s wife. The queen was jealous of the Huntress’ beauty, and enlisted the aid of the Huntress’ second Arachne, the bodyguard of the queen, to bring the Huntress down.

In a vile plot, the Huntress was convicted and exiled to death in the deserts. But the Huntress survived, if only barely, and under the influence of arachnid poison experienced a religious epiphany which made her immortal. Swearing revenge upon the queen, she returned to the city from which she had been exiled to make things right.

She found Arachne in the dungeons, and reconciled with her. Together, they moved to the bedchambers to slay the queen. But when the Huntress struck the killing blow, Arachne in turn betrayed the Huntress by killing her, and bent to drink the immortal blood. A black widow spider bit Arachne upon the lip, turning her into a horrid spider- faced creature.

The Huntress’ preferred humanoid manifestation is that of a woman of surpassing beauty dressed in silver chainmail. Her face is always a mask of carefully-controlled anger, and she always holds a scythe at the ready. In manner, she is quiet and angry. Her symbol is a silver eight-pointed star on a field of black.

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