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Sheru, Bringer of Terror
God of Night, Nightmares, Insanity and Terror (Pantheon of Lornon)

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Sheru is the god of night and nightmares. Truly the god of terror, and of unbridled fear, Sheru thrives on these emotions in lesser creatures. Only experiencing satisfaction when his efforts unseat a being’s sanity, Sheru will use any means to achieve this end.

Because Luukos’ undead minions tend to cause more terror than most of the other creatures of darkness, Sheru and Luukos are allied more often than any of the other Dark Gods.

The insane are often said to have received Sheru’s Gift. Strangely, Sheru and Zelia cannot stand each other, despite serving each other’s ends quite nicely.

Sheru’s preferred humanoid manifestation is that of a large man with a black furred jackal’s head. In manner, he is cold, emotionless, and cruel. His symbol is a black jackal’s head on a field of gold, or alternately, a black jackal’s head on a field of crimson and gold.

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