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Ronan, Lord of Dreams
God of Night and Dreams (Pantheon of Liabo)

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Ronan is the God of Night. He is master of sleep and dreams, and guardian against those who would violate the peaceful respite of that other world. Ronan is perhaps the most active foe of the Dark Gods.

Ronan is the darker twin of Phoen, and it is said that the two, being night and day, cannot come together in the same place.

Given their avoidance of light and their use of darkness as a cloak to cover their activities, Ronan finds the Dark Gods trespassing in his realm quite regularly. Ronan and Sheru are in constant conflict since they both regard the night and sleep as their rightful territories. Luukos also mounts a constant assault on Ronan’s realm with those who have failed to die cleanly and are now subject to his curse.

Ronan’s preferred humanoid manifestation is that of a gaunt man with heavy-lidded eyes and a mysterious smile. His eyes are without whites, leaving deep black pools broken only by a faint grey swirl. He dresses only in black, and even the steel of his weapons is black. In manner, he is sleepy and sardonic. His symbol is a black sword with a silver edge on a field of black.

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