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Phoen, the Sun God
God of the Sun, Summer and Fatherhood (Pantheon of Liabo)

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Phoen is the God of the Sun and Summer. He is consort to Oleani.

He is often considered the god of fatherhood, given his relationship with Oleani (the goddess of fertility), and as God of the Sun he represents the masculine side of fertility. The Sun God personifies manly power, to the point that he is often egotistical. There is more than one fable of Phoen causing harm rather than good through careless use of his great power.

The warmth and light associated with the sun, as well as the fact that they are life- nurturing qualities place Phoen in direct opposition to the Dark Gods. However, more often it is the Dark Gods regarding him as such that leads to conflict, rather than his desire to oppose them. He may also face them simply as a staunch ally of Oleani’s.

Phoen’s preferred humanoid manifestation is that of a man nearly identical to Ronan, but with golden hair that shines so brightly as to blind mortals. The clothes he wears are golden as well. In manner he is confidant, even to the point of egotism. His symbol is a golden sunburst on a field of blue.

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