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Onar, the Assassin
Patron of Homicide (Lesser Spirit)

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Onar is known as the Assassin of the Gods. Most often working at the behest of Eorgina, Onar is professionally cold and calculating. He never chooses a target without a reason. His services are used whenever a single death will achieve Eorgina's ends.

Onar also serves the other Gods, but always at a price. What coin can pay a God is not for mortals to guess at, but the Dark Gods seem to use his services regularly against mortals who cross them. In many courts of law, possession by Onar is a defense to a charge of murder. Such possession can usually be detected by the presence of a skull marking somewhere on the body of the one possessed.

Onar's true form is unknown, as he acts almost exclusively through the hands of others. In manner, he is cold-blooded and emotionless. His symbol is a broken white skull on a field of black.

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