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Oleani, Mistress of Adoration
Goddess of Love, Spring and Fertility (Pantheon of Liabo)

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Oleani is the Goddess of Love, Fertility and Spring. To many, she is also considered the patroness of halflings. Her consort is Phoen, the Sun God.

Called upon to bless weddings and birthings, Oleani represents the many aspects of love. Her interests range from the romantic aspects of a "respectable and proper courtship" to the sensual magnetism which may spark an illicit love affair - from the tragedy of a lover’s untimely death to the joy of a new birth.

In most lands she is honored in the early spring when a celebration of new love and a ritual requesting her blessing on the fields are combined into a single holiday.

Oleani’s preferred humanoid manifestation is that of a woman of maddening beauty, of any race or color. In manner, she is amorous and nurturing. Her symbol is a red heart with a budding flower growing from it.

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