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Niima, the Wavedancer
Patroness of the Water, Sailors and Sea Life (Lesser Spirit)

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Niima is the mistress of the water and the patroness of sailors. Daughter of Charl and one of the Arkati lost in the Ur-Daemon War, she acts as her father's conscience and moderates his temper.

She rescues shipwrecked sailors, but tends to save the young and handsome ones first. There are a number of sea tales of a beautiful young woman, likely in her teens, pulling waterlogged and hopeless sailors from the seas. There are an equal number of unfaithful sailors who use the excuse that Niima saved their lives and required their company to stave off their unhappy wives.

Niima is a favorite for the subject of sea chanties and pirate songs. She is also popular as a figurehead for ships.

Niima’s preferred humanoid manifestation is that of a spritely young woman, no older than sixteen, with very pale skin, blue eyes, and pale blonde hair. A blue-green gown clings to her slender form. In manner, she is playful and flirtatious. Her symbol is a grey or silver dolphin on a field of blue.

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