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Mularos, the Suffering
God of Suffering and Torture (Pantheon of Lornon)

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Known as "He who is the Sorrow of the World," Mularos is the god of suffering, both physical and emotional. He draws the most strength from pain inflicted by others.

While Mularos is not worshipped by any formal church, cults to him have surfaced from time to time. These are most often collections of sadomasochists, often led by a charismatic but twisted leader. These cults seduce young followers with a decadent and reassuring lifestyle, then bend their minds to dependent love and strict obedience. While the usual end result is mass suicide, it is rumored that such cults have lasted for centuries.

At times Mularos seems to revel in causing pain, but he feels the pain of mortals at the same time as he draws strength from it. In a sense, he is a victim of mortals as much as they are victims of him.

Mularos’ preferred humanoid manifestation is that of a young man of delicate features dressed in simple silk robes. Often a glimpse of the scars left by manacles can be seen at the hem and sleeves of his robe, or the bloody mark of a lash below the collar. In manner, he is charming, alternately dominant and submissive, sadomasochistic and sad. His symbol is a heart with a dagger piercing it on a field of white.

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