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Lumnis, Queen of Enlightenment
Goddess of Wisdom and Knowledge (Pantheon of Liabo)

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Lumnis is the Goddess of Wisdom and Knowledge, and the wife of Koar. She is not considered the "Queen" of the Gods, however. She gives counsel willingly, even to the Dark Gods, but never commands.

Lumnis’ power lies in her understanding of the interrelationships of the Spheres of Knowledge (Elemental, Spiritual, Chaos, Order and Planar) and her intuitive grasp of their intricacies. Able to accomplish feats that leave even Koar amazed, she wields her knowledge with the style of an artist.

She is worshipped by scholars and practitioners of the arcane arts who explore the boundaries of their knowledge with a wonder and respect of the powers they discover. Her wisdom is also sought by fortune-tellers and all in need of guidance. Lumnis will never give an answer outright, however. She would rather advise and guide, allowing those who seek aid to find the answer on their own.

She regards Fash’lo’nae’s approach to knowledge as ultimately self-destructive and unconscionable. Her disapproval of knowledge for personal gain or power is such that she has been attributed with the sudden disappearance of several notably power-hungry magic users over the centuries.

Lumnis’ preferred humanoid manifestation is that of a mature woman in gossamer robes of light grey, so long that her feet are never seen and the hem is lost in distant mists. Her hair is black with a single shock of grey at her forehead. In manner she is serene, and even in anger she is more a disappointed mother than a raging goddess. Her symbol is a golden scroll overlaying five conjoined circles, the circles being red (Planar), blue (Spiritual), black (Chaos), green (Elemental), and white (Order) - symbolizing her mastery of the Spheres of Knowledge.

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