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Lorminstra, the Gatekeeper
Goddess of Death and Rebirth, Winter and Deliverance (Pantheon of Liabo)

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Lorminstra is the Goddess of Death and Rebirth. She is the eldest offspring of Koar and Lumnis. Lorminstra is also the Goddess of Winter, that annual "death" of nature which parallels the death and rebirth of souls.

Lorminstra is also the Keeper of the Ebon Gate. It is her decision whether a soul is allowed to return to Elanthia each time an appeal is made via a ritual of resurrection, and even Koar will not gainsay her decision.

Lorminstra regards Luukos’ enslavement of souls to animate his undead as abominable. She supports her brother, Ronan, in his struggle against Luukos’ minions, and also petitions Koar frequently to take direct measures to curb Luukos’ activities.

Lorminstra’s preferred humanoid manifestation is that of a thin woman with black hair and pale alabaster skin. She wears two layers of robes, black over white, and at her side dangles a ring of keys, one for every soul. In manner, she is somber yet caring. Her symbol is a golden key, or a golden key set upon a gate of black.

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