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Leya, Master of Martial Arts
Patroness of Amazons and Martial Arts (Lesser Spirit)

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Leya's skills as a Master of Martial Arts was often demonstrated by her winning matches in many a tournament held by the Elven Houses. She is also skilled with many weapons. Daughter of the God Kai, and the elf Learya, Leya was blessed with talents from both spheres.

The tomes record that Leya wielded the sword Soulingen in one of the many battles staged during the Undead Wars, accidentally killing her lover, Egan. Soulingen's blade holds the souls of those it kills, evil and good alike. It was after this mournful accident, staged by Luukos, that Leya built the tomb for her lover, which is now her shrine. Taking up a simple dagger, Leya wandered the lands, retiring among the elves that cared for her during childhood.

Leya's blessing often takes the form of a dagger-shaped mark.

Leya's preferred form is that of a woman who appears to be in her twenties with azure eyes and wavy mahogany hair. She wears a belted tunic over her athletic form and laced up sandals upon her feet. In manner, she is cool and confident. Her symbol is an ivory- hilted dagger on a field of deep blue.

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