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Laethe, the Lovelorn
Patron of Young Love and Lost Love (Lesser Spirit)

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Laethe, patron of young love and especially lost love, is the twin brother of Voaris. Where his brother watches over those whose love is forbidden, Laethe watches over those whose love is lost.

While Voaris took his parents’ passing with a calm acceptance, Laethe never truly learned to cope with their death. Thus, he has an intimate understanding of the pain associated with a loved one gone from one’s life. He works to aid them in whatever way he can, even if it is only to put them at peace with their loss.

Traditionally, worshippers leave notes with their prayers for the hopeful return of their loves in the shrines dedicated to Laethe.

Laethe’s preferred humanoid manifestation is that of a young man with black hair, fair skin and sorrowful blue eyes. He most often dresses in plain black attire, unadorned by any jewelry or decoration. In manner, he is compassionate, caring and sad. His symbol is a black rose on a field of purple.

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