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Kuon, the Green
Patron of Herbs and Flowers (Lesser Spirit)

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Kuon is the patron of herbs and flowers, which many consider odd for a former giantman. In the days following the Ur-Daemon War, he unabashedly knelt beside Imaera, working to heal the green growing things of Elanthia. It was at his suggestion that Imaera gave certain herbs healing properties, for Kuon felt that, while the help of the Arkati was well and good, the lesser beings should have a way to help themselves.

Imaera was impressed with this gentle giant, and at the end of his allotted span of life, she gave him the gift of immortality. It is said that as long as there is a single green leaf upon the planet, Kuon will be there, nurturing it back into health. Flowers grow spontaneously in his wake, and go uncrushed beneath his steps.

Kuon’s form is that of an immense giantman in his thirties with hazel eyes, light brown hair and a hulking presence. His shimmering green, amber and brown robes are unable to hide his massive shoulders. In manner he is gentle and kind, but has a bad temper once pushed far enough. His symbol is a gold leaf on a field of brown.

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