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Kai, Master of Battle
God of Strength, Athletic Prowess, and Skill at Arms (Pantheon of Liabo)

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Kai is the God of Physical Strength and Athletic Prowess. He has been beaten once in armed combat by Koar, and fought once to a standstill against V’tull. Beyond these two instances, every opponent Kai has faced has fallen before him. Legend holds that in the Ur-Daemon War, Kai slew more of the enemy than any Drake did, despite their awesome might, and is the only Arkati who participated in that war to have survived.

Kai’s joy of physical combat is such that only Koar’s injunctions keep him from constant battle with the Gods of Darkness. As an alternative he often roams Elanthia looking for unsuspecting mortals to toy with in physical "contests" of one sort or another.

Kai’s blessing is often invoked at contests of physical prowess.

Kai’s preferred humanoid manifestation is that of a young man of epic build with strong and carefree features. Kai is always dressed in light armor and is never without a weapon of some sort. In manner, he is carefree, brave and aggressive. His symbol is a silver arm with fist clenched, on a field of crimson. His clerics name their maces, cast in the same shape, the Fists of Kai.

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