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Jaston, the Windrunner
Spirit of the Air, Patron of the Four Winds and Birds (Lesser Spirit)

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Called "The Windrunner," Jaston is the Patron of the Four Winds. Once a sylvan elf, Jaston was one of Imaera’s first experiments into the recreation of life upon Elanthia.

After the Ur-Daemon War, Imaera sought to rebuild life upon the planet. Using the body of a fallen sylvan elf, she extended muscles and bones from his shoulder blades, creating three wings off each side of the sylvan’s back. She then covered them in soft white feathers.

It was Imaera’s hope that she could turn her beloved tree elves into true tree-dwellers, complete with wings and other birdlike attributes. But looking down upon her beautiful creation, she realized it could never be, for all other mortal races would envy this creature’s attributes. Thus, she begged Lorminstra for one of the souls she would ordinarily allow through the Ebon Gates. Using this soul, she re-animated the fallen sylvan, and charged him with the care of birds, and made him caretaker of the Four Winds.

Jaston’s form is that of a sylvan elf with long brown hair, hazel eyes, a slender build and six white-feathered wings growing from his back. He dons green breeches and many- colored feathered bands about his head, arms and wrists. In manner, he is lighthearted and playful. His symbol is a white feather on a field of green and white.

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