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Jastev, the Soothsayer
God of Visual Arts and Prophecy (Pantheon of Liabo)

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Jastev is the God of Visual Art and Prophecy, and is the offspring of Imaera and Eonak. He is the only God of Light whose company Charl regularly keeps, and the only Arkati who will speak to Gosaena at all.

Given to a somber demeanor and periods of depression, Jastev’s knowledge of the future is a double-edged sword, giving him warning of the consequences of the actions of the Dark Gods and their followers, yet also showing him more than any being would wish to know. It is said that having foreseen the end of the world and of all that he loves causes his darker moods. It is this kinship in prophecy with Gosaena that gives him the tolerance to discourse with her.

His patronization of the visual arts is also attributed to his knowledge of the future, since he encourages the preservation of each moment of beauty, emotion, or tragedy for those who will come after.

Jastev is the patron of mystics and seers, and his blessing is often invoked by practitioners of the arts of foretelling. While Lumnis will provide her followers with knowledge of the skills of fishing, Jastev is not averse to giving the location of the nearest fish.

Jastev’s preferred humanoid manifestation is that of a pale man dressed in drab colors. His age varies from the youngest of boys to the oldest of greybeards. In manner, he is most often sad, with fits of inspiration and joy. His symbol is a black artist’s brush on a field of grey, or alternately, a silver crystal ball on a field of grey.

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