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Gosaena, Mistress of Eternity
Goddess of Death (Pantheon of Neutrality)

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Despite resurrections, deeds, and other ways to return to existence, death is an ultimately final thing. When the bridge between life and death is crossed for the final time, and a soul is allowed through the Ebon Gates, Gosaena is there waiting on the other side. She is the goddess of death. Unlike Lorminstra, when a spirit comes to Gosaena, it will not be returning to the mortal realm.

Gosaena is a pariah among the other Arkati. She is gifted with foresight, most specifically, knowledge of when everyone and everything will die. The Arkati, now gods to the mortal races, had no desire to recall their own mortality and so outcast her. Neither pantheon will claim her, and no one will speak to her save Jastev, whose own talent for foresight makes him sympathetic to her plight.

Gosaena never speaks, except on very rare occasions to Jastev. She is as silent as the grave, and takes the souls due her without regret, compassion or malice, only impartiality.

Gosaena’s preferred humanoid manifestation is that of a beautiful woman with pale skin, long silver hair, and ice blue eyes. She wears grey robes and a large grey cloak that covers brilliant white feathered wings. In manner, she is silent and impartial. Her symbol is a silver or grey sickle on a field of green.

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