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Fash’lo’nae, the Grandfather
God of Magic, Forbidden Knowledge and Libraries (Pantheon of Lornon)

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Fash’lo’nae, is the master of magic and arcane knowledge for its own sake. He regards the pursuit of esoteric knowledge as an end in itself, and the societal or other impacts of that pursuit are of no consequence. Even the gaining of knowledge for personal gain is not a goal, other than as it may make further inquiries, investigations, and experiments possible. Theft, dishonesty, and even murder are acceptable if they further the acquiring of knowledge, particularly arcane or mystical knowledge.

While Fash’lo’nae is certainly frowned upon by many, most do not consider him strictly "evil." In fact, he is credited in several legends with spreading beneficial knowledge that others (such as the Drakes and the other Arkati) would have suppressed. It is generally agreed that Fash’lo’nae brought fire to the mortal races, suffering the wrath of the Great Drakes, although there is dispute as to his motive in doing so. Many call Fash’lo’nae "The Grandfather," and his followers contend that he is the eldest of the Arkati, even older than Koar himself.

Followers of Fash’lo’nae are a hazard to all about them, since they consider the risks of demon summoning as a paltry price to pay for the potential of increased knowledge.

Fash’lo’nae’s preferred humanoid manifestation is that of an ancient man or woman of scholarly bent. In manner, he is cool and calculating. His symbol is yellow, slit-pupiled eye on a field of grey.

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