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Andelas, the Cat
God of Felines and Hunting (Pantheon of Lornon)

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Andelas is the lord of cats, and so is different to some degree from the rest of the dark gods. In fact, were it not for his decidedly sadistic nature, it could be argued that Andelas is not really ‘evil’.

Followers of Andelas form cat cults, and idolize felines to the point of reenacting the stalk, the hunt, and the kill (complete with costuming, fangs, and claws). Andelas’ influence is revealed in that the quarry in the reenactments are most often members of one of the humanoid races. Unfortunately, they are rarely as enthused about their own participation as the members of the cult are.

It is rumored that Andelas has an avatar that walks the land known as The Claw of Andelas.

Andelas generally appears as a great cat. In human form, however, he retains his catlike quality, from his eyes to his unusually sharp fingernails. In manner he is much like a cat, either playful, sadistic or completely indifferent. His symbol is a black cat’s head on a field of red.

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