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Amasalen, the Executioner
Patron of Sacrifice (Lesser Spirit)

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Once a Faendryl elf before the exile of the House, Amasalen’s immortal origins are not known. He is the patron of sacrifice, and delights in the painful offering up of victims as gifts to a greater cause.

He is considered a servant of Luukos, which is borne out by his faintly reptilian features and craving for human blood. However, he has frequent dealings with Mularos, and many rumors state that his true master is Marlu. What is known for certain is that he is energized by bloody, frenzied religious celebrations.

Amasalen’s form is that of a white-haired, lean, muscular man with bronzed skin, snake- like eyes and a long reptilian tongue. He wears only flowing white silk pants. In manner, he is zealous and sadistic. His symbol is a purple two-headed serpent twined about a crimson hand.

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