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World Costume for Theatrical Productions

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The tribes of Giantmen show some tribal variations in their traditional clothing, much of it due to the materials available in their home ranges. The Wsalamir, for example, make much use of the beasts of the frozen tundra, while the Araime adorn themselves with the plants and animals of the plains. Roughly-tanned hides of game animals are strongly favored by all the tribes, and trophy items such as claws, teeth, feathers, shells, and quills are used as decorative elements. Motifs vary by clan and convey much meaning to those versed in their imagery.

For the men, leather hems are cut into fringes, and polished bits of bone are dyed and used in geometric beadwork. Furs, when used, are frequently whole, untrimmed hides with the head and limbs still attached. Loose tunics and jackets are common, and closely cut leggings tuck into tall, soft boots. The overall effect is subdued in color, consisting largely of earth tones. It is also soft in feel and full of movement.

Warriors of the T'Kirem clan's Highman tribe can be recognized by their deeply pleated woolen kilts. The patterns and colors indicate tribal lineage, and are sources of great pride. Like others of their kind they also wear tall leather boots.

A traditional women's garment among the Maeramil is the fringed apron skirt. Made from rows of linked fringe interwoven with beads, the skirt flows beautifully with the graceful steps of the festival dances. Married women add a leather overskirt hung with rows of feathers, grasses, and large shells. A spike cap completes the costume.

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