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World Costume for Theatrical Productions

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The Dwarves, the men and women of the mountains, are frequently indistinguishable from the ground they mine. This is as much due to their preferences in colors and materials as it is to the dust and grime that so often coats them. Dwarven costume is not a matter of tradition as much as it is one of practicality. Dismissive of frivolity, they place high value on sturdy, reliable materials and comfortable cuts. Tunics and breeches are worn by both sexes, and closely-fitted skullcaps perch atop full heads of wiry hair. The women may also wear very plain, straight skirts. For work garments, tough, thick leather is extremely popular, and laborers often wrap the lower half of their legs in long strips of it. Cotton canvas and a rough cloth called cordetum are also used quite often, the dense weave and stiff hand adding a welcome layer of protection.

Details and decoration are almost exclusively steel, a material with unlimited potential in the hands of these hearty folk. Wide leather belts with large steel plaques are worn by both sexes, and serve both to support weapons and gather the unfitted garments close to the waist. The shoes are made from flat pieces of leather gathered by laces over the top of the foot and tied off near the ankle. Jewelry is uncommon, but examples of extremely fine metalsmithy are worn proudly and passed down from one generation to the next along with stories of the craftsman from which they came.

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