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World Costume for Theatrical Productions
Dark Elves

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The Dark Elves' long isolation from the rest of their breed has resulted in a clear divergence of costume. They wear long, loose layers of thin fabrics such as linen, organdy, and cotton gauze. A striped silk known as bourde is used in formal and ceremonial garments. Exotic reptile skins lend color to accessories and are even used applique-style to decorate hems. Both men and women wear leather sandals.

Females catch their gowns at the waist and hips with a linked chain belt that resembles the Sylvan girdle. Sheer scarves are wrapped around the head and draped over shoulders and arms. Golden disks adorn the hair, neck, wrists and ankles, providing musical accompaniment to every movement.

Males are draped in an ankle-length underrobe with sleeves cut to twice the length of the arm and ruched to fit. A sleeveless, sideless tunic covers the underrobe and is tied at the waist with a sash. A folded cap with a curved peak wraps over a draped piece that covers the neck and shoulders, which in turn becomes a cape that hangs gracefully down the back, reaching just to the ground.

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