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World Costume for Theatrical Productions
Burghal Gnomes

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Burghal Gnomes don't appear to have a traditional costume in the usual sense. There is no particular cut of garment, weave of fabric, or shade of color that sets them apart. It is only their inventiveness that gives them distinction. Cast-off or otherwise appropriated garments find new life and new purpose in the hands of a Burghal Gnome. Whether cut down to size in unusual ways or refitted as an entirely different item, their clothing is rarely what it first appears to be. The sheer number of assorted containers dangling off their small bodies tend to obscure most details about the clothing underneath. The look is usually mismatched and threadbare, but intriguing nonetheless.

The exception to this is the Winedotter gnomes, who are generally seen attired in livery of an appropriate color for the house they serve. For men, this entails a cutaway coat amply ornamented with buttons and braid. The female servants wear a high-waisted dress with a full, pleated skirt. Added to this are removable cuffs and a collar, as well as a full or half apron.

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