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Tomes of Elanthia
The definitive collection of history and lore concerning the known realms.

Historical Documents

The Official History of Elanthia
The Ages of the Drakes, of the Elves, of Chaos and the Modern Age.

Timeline of Elanthian History
From the collected libraries of Illistim.

A Brief History of the Turamzzyrian Empire
Timeline, map, and current political situation.

An Incomplete History of River's Rest
The historical role of this Turamzzyrian settlement.

Giantkin History
From the origins of the Giantkin to recent events.

Giantkin Clans
T'Kirem, Grishknel, Grot'karesh, and other clans.

History of the Truefolk
The Halfling clans: Mhoragian, Brughan, Malghavan, and Paradis.

The Faendryl Empire
The history of the Faendryl (Dark) Elves.

The History of the Dhe'nar Elves
The history of the "first born."

A History of Dwarves
Delving into the past and forging ahead...

Half-Elves: From Outsiders to Heroes
The race the elves love to hate...

History of the Sylvan Elves
Journey the "Trail of Ages"...

Concerning Half-Krolvin
How the Half-Krolvin came to be.

A Study of the Erithi
The People of The Sky

A History of the Gnomes
Lines of Blood

A Brief History of the Aelotoi
Beginning with their Arrival on Elanthia

Religious Lore

The Gods of Elanthia
History and descriptions of the Arkati and various Lesser Spirits.

Elven Dogma & Theology
Exploring the relationship between Elf and Arkati.

The History of Leya
Patroness of Amazons and Martial Arts.

The History of Lumnis
Goddess of Wisdom and Knowledge.

The History of Luukos
The history of this Arkati from the Compendium of Elven Legend.

The History of Eorgina
Goddess of Darkness, Domination and Tyranny.

The Moons of Elanthia
Lornon, Liabo, Tilaok and Makiri.

The Legend of L'Naere
The Rogue Arkati

Other Documents of Interest

Silver Valley
Taken from the journals of Selias Jodame.

The History of Kilron
The man, the legend ...

Time on Their Hands
The Evolution of Elven Art

The Legacy of the Lorekeepers
The History of the Order of Lorekeepers

A Speech Unspoken
The Language of Flowers

A Traveller's Guide to the Turamzzyrian Empire
The customs, lore, resources and more of the Imperial Territories.

Recognizing Elven Crests
A Brughan Perspective

The Layman's Guide to Elven Heraldry
Personal, Family and House Heraldry

The Kiramon: A Scientific Study
The Out of Character History of the Kiramon

Introduction to The Enchiridion Valentia and Summoning
Notes about summoning and the tome that deals with valences and demons

The Enchiridion Valentia
The Faendryl text, Common Language Version

Gastronomical Indentification and Imitation
or, How to Recognize and Reproduce the Food of the Larger Races

The Krolgeh Language
The language of the krolvin is referred to as krolgeh.

An Overview of Elanthian Magic
Magic and how it's used in Elanthian Cultures

World Costume for Theatrical Productions
A window into the most typical or traditional garb of each race.

Myths, Legends, and Tales
Half Elven Songs
  Jori's Eyes
  The Mule
  Tansy and Thyme
  Ill Wind, Ill Fruit
  Old Rock Sings

Lady Yula and the Eldrich Crystal
The Legend of the ALAE Crystal

Philomaera: A Tale of the Goating
The smallest of the Truefolk shows her character

The Legend of Soulingen
The Sword of Kai

The Legend of Halcyon Hills

Tales for Human Children
  Iter's Tale
  Zajai and the Butterfly
  The Great Diviner
  The Fenvaok's Gift

Elven Myths and Legends
  Patience and the Lily
  The Ghost of the Moor
  The Tale of the Rolton Mask
  The Wizard and the Aivren
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