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Cleric Base Spell Circle


301 Prayer of Holding
302 Smite/Bane
303 Prayer of Protection
304 Bless Item
305 Preservation
306 Holy Bolt
307 Benediction
308 Well of Life
309 Neutralize Curse
310 Warding Sphere
311 Blind
312 Fervent Reproach
313 Prayer
314 Relieve Burden
315 Remove Curse
316 Censure
317 Divine Fury
318 Raise Dead
319 Soul Ward
320 Ethereal Censer
325 Holy Receptacle
330 Sanctify
335 Divine Wrath
340 Symbol of the Proselyte
350 Miracle

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A Cleric can MEDITATE in order to gain Spirit Points, Mana Points, Health Points, and Stamina at a faster rate.


301 · Prayer of Holding [HOLDING]
Duration: Variable

Type: Attack

The Prayer of Holding spell allows a Cleric to interfere with the evil controlling principle of an undead creature for a time. If the target undead fails its warding attempt, it will be temporarily rendered immobile - unable to attack and with diminished physical defenses.

The undead will continually attempt to break out of the holding effect. The strength of the prayer diminishes over time, making it easier for the target to break out. The strength of the spell is based on the warding margin, the Cleric's training in the [LINK] Clerical Spell[/LINK] Circle and [LINK] Spiritual Lore, Religion[/LINK], the level of the target and how long the target has already been held.

The mana cost for this spell is calculated by a seed 1 summation of the target's level. That is, a level 1 target costs 1 mana whereas a level 105 target costs 14 mana.

When imbedded by the Magic Item Creation or Holy Receptacle spells or charged by the Charge Item spell, Prayer of Holding counts as a level 8 spell.
302 · Smite/Bane [SMITE]
Duration: Immediate

Type: Attack

Depending on the deity a Cleric worships, the Cleric will receive either the spell Smite or the spell Bane. Both spells inflict damage onto a hosts body, with plasma flares that induce further harm.

Smite's effectiveness leans toward the old ways of the Clerics. It is a very powerful spell to be used upon the undead. Bane's effectiveness leans toward a darkened path of sorcery, and its power lies in harming the living.

With proper training in [LINK] Spiritual Lore, Religion[/LINK] and dedication to his deity, there is a chance the Cleric may be able to infuse more mana into the cast of Smite/Bane amplifying the damage considerably. Also, both spells harbor the ability to instantly kill a target.

All Clerics will come into the realm with a default version of Smite, that only works on the undead. When a Cleric is confident enough in their beliefs, they may align themselves to their deity by CONVERTing their faith to that being. After this alignment, they will receive either Bane or Smite along with the full benefits those spells provide.

Mana costs can be increased based upon mana infusion or by casting Smite on Living or Bane on Undead.

Training in [LINK] Spiritual Lore, Religion[/LINK] determines the rate of infusions as well as the amount of mana infused.
Using the CHANNEL command instead of CAST for Smite/Bane with an empty hand will increase damage done. This is modified, also, by stance.
303 · Prayer of Protection [PROTECTION]
Duration: 1200 seconds + 60 seconds for every Cleric spell rank known; cumulative

Type: Defense

This spell increases the moral fortitude of the caster, allowing for greater resistance to attacks of various forms.
The defensive benefit is +10 Defense Strength (Melee, Ranged, and Bolt DS), +1 DS for every 2 Cleric spells known beyond 303.

Mana costs are proportionate to benefits, costing 3 Mana Points (MP), +1 for every 3 DS bonus increase beyond the initial plus 10.

Training in [LINK] Spiritual Lore, Blessings[/LINK] enables this spell to be cast upon others, briefly. The duration is 2 minutes and requires 40 ranks of Blessings Lore.
Overtraining in Cleric spell ranks does not yield additional bonus past the caster's level. Because of the unique and personal nature of this spell, it cannot be cast on others.
304 · Bless Item [BLESS]
Duration: 20 + 3 blessings per Cleric spell rank

Type: Utility

Undead creatures are immune to many forms of attack. Normal weapons will not harm an undead creature other than to make ugly, but harmless, gashes. A Cleric can use the Bless Item spell, however, to give an ordinary weapon the ability to harm the undead.

This spell works on most weapons, however imperfections can cause a blade to be rendered unstable by this blessing. At 25 Cleric spell ranks, the Cleric may offer holy water criticals with their blessing. At 40 Cleric spell ranks, a Cleric may bless magical metals.

The base number of swings for Bless Item is 20 + 3 swings per Cleric spell rank of the caster. The number of swings can be increased with [LINK] Spiritual Lore, Blessings[/LINK] ranks; +1 swing for each rank. One blessing is used during each attack, regardless of outcome.

Bless Item may also be used to bless armor and shields so that combat maneuvers involving these implements can be used against the undead. Additionally, Bless Item can be cast on aquamarine wands to upgrade the spell from Minor Water to Holy Bolt at a cost of a few charges.
A cursed weapon cannot be blessed and often the resulting clash of diametrically opposed energies may prove catastrophic.
305 · Preservation [PRESERVE]
Duration: 600 seconds

Type: Utility

This spell will prevent the soul of a fallen comrade from departing for the duration of the spell.

The duration of Preservation is increased with training in [LINK] Spiritual Lore, Blessings[/LINK] by 15 seconds per rank.
306 · Holy Bolt [HOLYBOLT]
Duration: Immediate

Type: Attack

In the service of their gods, a Cleric is able to conjure a stream of purified holy water and direct it against a target. Undead are known to have an extra susceptibility to the holy water's effects.

Training in [LINK] Spell Aiming[/LINK] increases the chance of the bolt connecting with the target.

Training in [LINK] Spiritual Lore, Religion[/LINK] unlocks an ability at 30 ranks to cause an acidic degeneration when used against undead creatures.
307 · Benediction [BENEDICT]
Duration: 1200 seconds + 60 seconds for every Cleric spell rank known; cumulative

Type: Offense/Defense

The favors of the gods are often sought and are often granted through their faithful servants. Benediction permits the Cleric to garner her god's favor and impart such benefits to those around them. The bonus is +5 Attack Strength (AS)/+5 Defense Strength (DS), +1 AS/DS per 2 Cleric spells known beyond 307, maximizing at +15 AS/DS (does not add to Bolt DS). Once the maximum group bonus is reached, the spell will continue to provide a self cast bonus of +1 bolt Attack Strength (AS) per 2 Cleric spells known beyond 327. Wherewith goes the Cleric, so doth the favors of the gods.

Mana costs are proportionate to the benefits, with the base mana cost at 7, +1 for every AS/DS bonus.

Training in [LINK] Spiritual Lore, Blessings[/LINK] provides for a chance for the group to receive a +15 AS bonus on a given attack. The chance of success is 1% at 6 lore ranks, and has a maximum of 15% at 195 lore ranks.
308 · Well of Life [WELLOFLIFE]
Duration: Immediate

Type: Utility

Well of Life allows the Cleric to channel his or her spirit force to another character.

If the target is alive, the Cleric transfers his or her spirit points so that the target's spirit will go up and the caster's will go down, by an equal amount. The spell will not let the Cleric transfer such that he/she dies. This means the Cleric will always have at least 1 spirit point left. This is a very taxing and arduous endeavor for the Cleric and some recuperation, based on the amount of spirit transfered, is required after a successful transfer.

If the target is dead, the Cleric must use Well of Life in order to create a spiritual link to the target. Once linked, the Cleric may resurrect the dead character with the Raise Dead spell. After a successful resurrection, the Cleric must rest five minutes before establishing another spiritual link with Well of Life.

The [LINK] Intuition[/LINK] stat and training in [LINK] Spiritual Lore, Religion[/LINK] determine if the Cleric/dead target will become aware of the other's chosen deity.

The cooldown timers for live and dead targets are separate. Training in [LINK] Spiritual Lore, Blessings[/LINK] decreases the Cleric's recuperation period by one second per rank.
A dead character may disconnect a link by using the UNLINK command.

Use the CONVERT command to align your character to a deity.

[LINK] More information on the Gods of Elanthia[/LINK]
309 · Neutralize Curse [NEUTCURSE]
Duration: 30 seconds

Type: Utility

By gathering the favor of the gods, a cleric may nullify a curse and place it in abeyance for a short period of time. Once the spell's duration wanes, the curse will return.

Training in [LINK] Spiritual Lore, Blessings[/LINK] increases the spell strength when attempting to neutralize a curse.
310 · Warding Sphere [WARDSPHR]
Duration: 1200 seconds + 60 seconds for every Cleric spell rank known; cumulative

Type: Defense

Mastery of this spell enables the learned cleric to not only extend the benefits of the warding spell to those nearby, but also to increase its effectiveness.

The spell offers +10 Defense Strength (DS)/Target Defense (TD) and +1 DS/TD per two Cleric spells known beyond 310 (Max +20 DS/TD).

Mana costs are proportionate to the benefits, with the base mana cost at 10, +1 for every DS/TD bonus.
311 · Blind [BLIND]
Duration: 15 seconds +1 second for every 4 points warding margin

Type: Attack

This spell causes the image of the cleric's deity to be superimposed over him/herself. This vision will blind the target, causing it to be stunned for the duration of the effect.

On a warding of 20 or more (== 120 or higher), there is a chance the target will be forced into a kneeling position, which is increased with training in [LINK] Spiritual Lore, Religion[/LINK]. The percent chance is: 15 + (warding margin / 4) + (Spiritual Lore, Religion ranks / 3)
312 · Fervent Reproach [FREPROACH]
Duration: Immediate

Type: Attack

Some say the eyes are the window to the soul and ultimately the channel to a being's deity. The cleric calls upon the power invested in him by his faith, focusing his fierce disapproval and rebuke of the target into a physical manifestation that covers the target in its entirety, severely punishing the foe. With greater knowledge of [LINK] Spiritual Lore, Religion[/LINK], the physical rebuke will have greater effect.

The cleric can also perform a prayer, focusing their entire will upon their spiritual intensity, which builds up within the cleric's being. This concentrated focus, once channeled towards the target, strengthens the energy being released. In order to charge the spell, clerics must PRAY FERVENT REPROACH and choose a time between 3-6 seconds. While the cleric is charging this power, after selecting the duration via PRAY, he/she cannot move or change stance. The longer the prayer, the more charged and intense the damage will be.

The cleric may also receive a backlash of residual energy that will instill into them an enhanced wisdom (Wisdom Stat bonus) as well as amplified health and mana (maximum Health and maximum Mana bonus). Training in the [LINK] Spiritual Lore, Blessing[/LINK] skill increases the duration of these bonuses. Focusing the power of the spell through prayer increases the chance of this backlash happening, and once the bonus is applied to the cleric, it will not occur again until the effects have faded.
Using the CHANNEL command while open-handed is much more lethal than using the CAST command.
313 · Prayer [PRAYER]
Duration: 1200 seconds + 60 seconds for every Cleric spell rank known; cumulative

Type: Defense

By petitioning the gods through prayer and reverent communion, the cleric gains a modicum of protection, giving him +10 Spiritual Target Defense (TD) along with a bit of maneuver protection. In addition, at 35 Cleric spell ranks a benefit of +10 Defense Strength (DS) is gained. This DS bonus increases +1 DS for every rank in the Cleric spell circle over 335.

With the increased bonus, the mana cost increases. The base is 13 mana, +1 for every 3 DS over 10.
Overtraining in Cleric spell ranks does not yield additional bonus past the caster's level.
314 · Relieve Burden [RELIEVE]
Duration: 1200 seconds + 60 seconds for every Cleric spell rank known; cumulative

Type: Utility

Clerics often collect offerings of alms for the poor. This spell will negate the encumbrance associated with loose silvers (not in boxes, just what the target carries in his or her pockets). The number of silvers that can be held without burden is 10,000 silvers + 2000 * Seed 5 ranks in Spiritual Lore - Blessings. Only silvers in excess of the spell's ability will apply to encumbrance. For example, if a cleric can negate 12000 silvers and is carrying 14000 silvers, only 2000 apply to encumbrance.

With the increased bonus, the mana cost increases. The base is 14 mana, + 1 for every 4000 silvers negated beyond the base amount.

When cast upon others, the duration is 2 minutes and the target is relieved of only the base 10,000 silvers burden.
315 · Remove Curse [REMCURSE]
Duration: Immediate

Type: Utility

Dependant upon the inherent curse strength imparted on an item, this spell will enable a caster to remove the scourge relative to their ability.

Sometimes this may require more than one attempt. This spell has limited abilities; sometimes objects contain a curse so set into the fabric of the object that it cannot be removed. Sometimes removal of a curse will also destroy the other powers of the object, but occasionally these two elements are independent and this may leave behind a useful item. There is always a chance this spell will fail in unpredictable ways.

Training in [LINK] Spiritual Lore, Blessings[/LINK] increases the spell strength when attempting to remove a curse.
316 · Censure [CENSURE]
Duration: Variable, based upon warding failure

Type: Attack

Those who displease a deity will be subject to its rebuke. In times long forgotten, each deity had a sacred incantation, spoken in a tongue now unknown, that would appropriately punish those who deserved it. By invoking this spell, a cleric is able recall such words to stun or immobilize (on higher warding failures) targets within the area (who are not joined to the caster).

Initially, the incantation will target up to four players or creatures. Training in [LINK] Spiritual Lore, Religion[/LINK] increases the number of possible targets by +1 at 5 ranks, with a maximum of +16 targets at 200 ranks (seed 5 of the [LINK] Summation Chart[/LINK]).
317 · Divine Fury [DFURY]
Duration: Immediate

Type: Attack

The Divine Fury spell allows the Cleric to call upon her chosen deity to unleash severe damage upon the target. The damaging effects done to the target are based upon the Cleric's CONVERTed deity.

Training in [LINK] Spiritual Lore, Religion[/LINK] will provide a chance for a third cycle of critical damage.
Using the CHANNEL command instead of CAST for Divine Fury with an empty hand will increase damage done. This is modified, also, by stance.
318 · Raise Dead [RAISEDEAD]
Duration: Immediate

Type: Utility

Mastery of this spell allows a Cleric to actually appeal to his or her deity to raise a fallen comrade from the dead. This spell is very taxing on the caster and success is not always assured. The target must have a soul (undeparted) for this spell to work and the body must be able to sustain life, which means the services of an Empath may be needed.

Before raising a body from the dead with Raise Dead, the Cleric must first link to the body using the Well of Life spell.

There is a percentage chance equal to 100% minus the caster's [LINK] Spiritual Mana Control[/LINK] (SMC) skill that the resurrection attempt will severely injure the caster, possibly resulting in the caster's death. It is recommended that the caster have 102 skill in SMC before attempting to raise the dead.

If successfully raised, the formerly dead character will have but 1 spirit point and be in whatever condition he/she was in prior to being raised otherwise. The character will not suffer any stat loss due to this death, so resurrection by a Cleric is far superior to that of one of the gods.

The caster will lose 75% of the target's maximum spirit points. This is not to be confused with actual spirit points; this means that if the Cleric has less than or equal to 75% of the dead character's spirit points, the resurrection attempt will kill him/her. For example, if the dead character has 10 spirit points, a Cleric would need 8 actual spirit points to complete the resurrection (and survive). A Cleric may APPRAISE the corpse to determine its maximum spirit points.

At 25 Cleric spell ranks, Raise Dead becomes Life Restoration, a more powerful version of Raise Dead, drawing more favor of the deity to soften the impact on the caster and the one being raised. The caster loses 50% of their maximum spirit points and the target is restored to 10% of their maximum spirit points and health points.

At 40 Cleric spell ranks, Life Restoration becomes Resurrection, a more powerful version of Life Restoration, raising a character from the dead with a loss of only 25% of the target's spirit points by the casting Cleric. The deity supplies most of the work. In fact the target will be restored to 50% of their spirit and health points as well.
Expect significant Roundtime for this activity.
319 · Soul Ward [SOULWARD]
Duration: 1200 seconds + 60 seconds for every Cleric spell rank known; cumulative

Type: Defense

In the year 5114, by Koar's command, one of his high priests organized people of all faith to come together and commune to ask for assistance in combating the Shadows. The Arkati responded by bestowing their Clerics with a powerful protective ward through the Soul Ward spell. Soul Ward will attempt shield the caster from the first attack any from opponent. Training in [LINK] Spiritual Lore, Blessings[/LINK] provides for a chance to negate subsequent attacks. The chance of success is 1% at 1 lore rank, and has a maximum of 19% at 190 lore ranks. In addition, a Cleric may INFUSE SPIRIT which will allow them to avoid an additional attack from all present opponents in the room at the cost of 1 spirit point. This ability may also be used while under most status effects (stunned, roundtime, etc) at the cost of 2 spirit points.

The attempt to shield the Cleric is based upon a hidden warding attempt with the attacker receiving -25 TD. If the attacker fails to ward, their attack is negated.
A Cleric should always be mindful of their available spirit, as they can overexert themselves when INFUSING to the point of spirit death.
320 · Ethereal Censer [CENSER]
Duration: 30 seconds

Ethereal Censer will perform a maneuver attack against one target, then provide a 30 second mana reduction enhancement to the caster. The strength of the attack is determined by Cleric spell ranks, Spell Aiming, and Spiritual Lore, Religion. While the mana reduction enhancement is active, the cleric will gain 20 mana over the duration of the effect. The spell has a 30 second cooldown, but has a small chance to end early every 2 seconds with Spiritual Lore, Religion increasing the odds.

The base mana reduction benefit is 20% and increases once a cleric has more than 200 skill in Spirit Mana Control (up to 25% at 2x SMC and 30% at 3x SMC, using the formula of ((SMC skill - 200) / 20)). In addition, there is a spell rotation bonus for casting different spells. Everytime the cleric casts a different spell than the previous few spells, the bonus is +5%, up to +25% after 5 spells. If at anytime the cleric recasts any of spell they had already cast since starting the rotation, the bonus resets to 0%.
Spells level 20 or higher are not affected by the mana reduction benefit.

The spell does retain partial mana savings. Meaning, if you cast 302 and it cost 2 mana, it will keep track that you should have saved 0.4 mana and once you combine it with a future savings to reach more than 1.0, it will grant that amount of reduction.
325 · Holy Receptacle [HOLYRECEPTACLE]
Duration: Immediate

Type: Utility

Calling upon the power and favor of her chosen deity, a Cleric will be able to infuse holy magic into gems. These gems can then be called upon to grant certain powers and effects to those whom the deity deems worthy.

Failure rate of blessing a spell into a gem from the [LINK] Minor Spiritual[/LINK], [LINK] Major Spiritual[/LINK] or the [LINK] Cleric Base[/LINK] spell circle is decreased by training in [LINK] Spiritual Lore, Blessings[/LINK].

Along with the ability to bless their spells into gems, Clerics will be able to bless deity powers into gems. This is more restrictive and takes much more skill than normal spell blessing. There are five common blessings available to Clerics.

[LINK] Descriptions of the five tiers can be found here.[/LINK]

After casting upon a gem, a Cleric should use the BLESS verb to complete the spell.
The RUMMAGE command can be used to more easily find a blessed gem of the five tiers in a container. Type RUMMAGE for usage.
330 · Sanctify [SANCTIFY]
Duration: Variable

Type: Utility

Enhance armaments against the undead.
335 · Divine Wrath [DIVINEWRTH]
Duration: Immediate

Type: Attack

A faithful servant is rewarded by their deity's attention. By invoking their god's name, the Cleric may summon the wrath of their divine master. Utilizing the caster's strength, this multi-attack spell will cause direct damage to unlucky targets with a secondary critical effect.

The attack begins after a short summoning period of 12 seconds. The summoning period before the attack can be lessened with training in [LINK] Spiritual Lore, Summoning[/LINK]. The delay is reduced by 2 seconds at 20, 45, 75, 110, and 150 ranks, down to the minimum of a 2-second delay. There are 3 rounds of damage, with a pause of 6 seconds between each attack and each round deals progressively higher critical damage. Training in [LINK] Spiritual Lore, Religion[/LINK] increases the amount of critical damage dealt with each round.

When the spell is CAST, it only affects creatures. The maximum number of targets it can affect is 2 + 1 per 75 [LINK] Spiritual Mana Control[/LINK] skill. When the spell is CHANNELed, it can affect creatures and players (preferring the former first). The maximum number of targets it can affect is 5 + 1 per 50 [LINK] Spiritual Mana Control[/LINK] skill.
Players outside of the Cleric┐s group and who worship deities of the same pantheon of the Cleric┐s deity are immune to the spell unless the spell is cast directly at them.
340 · Symbol of the Proselyte [SYMBOL]
Duration: 3 + (Spiritual Lore, Blessings skill / 50) charges

Type: Offense

Clerics are called upon to convert new followers to their flock and to punish the unrepentant. By using a portion of their spirit, a cleric is able to imbue a holy symbol with the blessing of their deity. The symbol can then be worn and activated via CHANT <symbol> to provide a bonus to the user's next attack. The bonus is a modifier to Spirit Casting Strength or Bolt Attack Strength equal to 5 + ([LINK] Influence[/LINK] bonus / 2). If the attack is made against a target of the cleric's deity's opposing alignment, an additional bonus of ([LINK] Wisdom[/LINK] bonus / 3) is applied. In addition, when an attack is made, it will have a truehand effect which changes the standard attack d100 roll to 50 + d50. Symbols are able to hold a number of charges equal to 3 + ([LINK] Spiritual Lore, Blessings[/LINK] skill / 50).

Clerics are able to create holy symbols of their deity at DragonSpine Fane, which can be reached via the Ancient Passage in [LINK] Zul Logoth[/LINK]. These symbols can then be blessed and handed out in an attempt to convert new followers to the fold.
Casting this spell consumes two spirit points.

Once a symbol is activated, a user becomes attuned to it for ten minutes. This prevents them from using any other holy symbol for the same effect for that duration.
350 · Miracle [MIRACLE]
Duration: Immediate

Type: Utility

The pinnacle of clerical magic can be seen when Clerics request a Miracle from their deity. A Cleric with knowledge of the Miracle spell can BESEECH his or her patron after he or she has died in a desperate plea to be brought back to life. Doing so comes at a cost of 50 Mana Points (MP). The Cleric calls the spiritual servants of the patron deity to sanctify the area and cause it to become a temporary [LINK] Minor Sanctuary[/LINK]. This is done with the same limitations as the Minor Sanctuary spell, except that the failure rate is significantly reduced due to the patron's servants assisting the Cleric's call. Training in [LINK] Spiritual Lore, Spirit Summoning[/LINK] reduces the failure rate.

If the formation of the sanctuary is successful, the Cleric is immediately resurrected by servants of his or her deity. The Cleric is returned to life with full Health and Spirit Points, however, all wounds remain on the Cleric's body. Training in [LINK] Spiritual Lore, Blessings[/LINK] gives a chance that a Chrism-like effect (Tier 4 of the Holy Receptacle spell) is placed on the Cleric prior to their resurrection. The chance is 5% at 2 ranks up to 90% at 189 ranks.

A Cleric can only muster the spiritual strength to successfully use Miracle once a day. However, those truly dedicated to the study of faith can petition their patrons more frequently. By training in [LINK] Spiritual Lore, Religion[/LINK], extra uses are granted at 60, 125, and 195 ranks.

Note: Using the BESEECH command at any other time will not cost the Cleric 50 MPs.
Mana Points do not return while dead, so it may be wise to keep a reserve of mana when adventuring in dangerous locations.

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