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Sorcerer Base Spell Circle


701 Blood Burst
702 Mana Disruption
703 Corrupt Essence
704 Phase
705 Disintegrate
706 Mind Jolt
707 Eye Spy
708 Limb Disruption
709 Grasp of the Grave
710 Energy Maelstrom
711 Pain
712 Cloak of Shadows
713 Balefire
714 Scroll Infusion
715 Curse
716 Pestilence
717 Evil Eye
718 Torment
719 Dark Catalyst
720 Implosion
725 Minor Summoning
730 Animate Dead
735 Ensorcell
740 Planar Shift
750 Unnamed

spell policy · spell circles


701 · Blood Burst [BLOODBURST]
Duration: Immediate

Type: Attack

When cast upon a healthy target (which has failed its warding), this will result in bleeding of at least 5/rounds from the neck, and will do an equivalent amount of damage with the cast. Each successive casting will increase the bleeding by "opening the floodgates."

Training in [LINK] Sorcerous Lore, Necromancy[/LINK] allows the possibility for this spell to take the drained Health Points (HP) from the target and give them to the caster.
Due to the nature of some creatures, such as undead and golems, they may be immune to this spell as they do not bleed.
702 · Mana Disruption [MANADISRUPT]
Duration: Immediate

Type: Attack

Casting Mana Disruption at a target causes it to suffer bone and tissue damage as if it had fallen a long distance. The greater the target fails it spirit warding failure, the greater the damage. There is additional internal damage done (hidden), which will be relative to the severity of the injury.

Other factors that can affect the damage done include casting with open hands, stance, and the target's condition.
Using the CHANNEL command instead of CAST for Mana Disruption with an empty hand will increase damage done. This bonus is modified by stance and how many hands are open.
703 · Corrupt Essence [CESSENCE]
Duration: 15 seconds

Type: Attack

This spell corrupts the target's connection to its essence resources, preventing it from casting spells, but not from prepping them.
This spell is extremely hard to resist.
704 · Phase [PHASE]
Duration: See below

Type: Utility

Casting phase will momentarily cause some portals to "fade" from existence, allowing the Sorcerer to pass through them briefly. Using CHANNEL on a container allows the sorcerer to reach into closed containers and possibly remove an item.

When cast at a noncorporeal creature, Phase will yank the creature fully into this plane of existence for a brief time, during which the creature will have a solid form that can be damaged normally (20 seconds + 3 seconds per warding failure). If cast at a creature with the ability to phase out of existence (banshees & Ithzir, for example) it will be prevented from doing so for the duration of 20 seconds + 3 seconds per warding failure. This only applies to creatures with unnatural hiding ability. Creatures with natural hiding abilities like forest bendiths will not be prevented from hiding while under the effects of phase.

Phase can also be used on items in the sorcerer's inventory that are not worn. When cast at an object in the caster's inventory (under 10 pounds), the object is phased out of existence for 10 minutes + 6 seconds per sorcerer spell rank. The object will not be usable while in the phased state, but it will also not have any weight. Should the phased object leave the caster's inventory, it will immediately return to its normal state.

Any items over 10 pounds will require training in [LINK] Sorcerous Lore, Demonology[/LINK], increasing by an additional 2 pounds with 3 ranks to a maximum additional weight increase of 34 pounds at 187 ranks (seed 3 of the summation chart). The maximum amount that anyone will be able to phase will therefore be 44 pounds.

When cast at locked containers the spell will take into account the weight of the container and all its contents rather than just the weight of the container itself.

Casting Phase, Elemental Dispel, or Spiritual Dispel at an item that has been phased will dispel the phase. If the sorcerer drops the item that has been phased, this will also dispel the effects.
Phased gear, such as weapons or wands, cannot be activated while in a phased state. Also, the self-cast version of this spell is intended to provide protection against creature maneuver attacks. This portion of the spell, however, will be going live concurrently with the maneuver system overhaul.
705 · Disintegrate [DISINTEGRATE]
Duration: Immediate

Type: Attack

When the target fails its warding this spell causes the target's flesh to literally melt away, causing some very serious wounds on higher rolls. The spell also works on beings who have no flesh to disintegrate, melting away their ethereal form.

Using the CHANNEL command instead of CAST for Disintegrate increases damage done. This bonus is modified by stance (open hands are not required).
706 · Mind Jolt [MINDJOLT]
Duration: 1 second per warding failure

Type: Attack

Casting Mind Jolt at a target causes its brain to be jolted by a minor electrical shock, whose phase is in opposition to the synaptic network communication, causing the target to be stunned.
707 · Eye Spy [EYESPY]
Duration: 600 seconds +30 seconds for every Sorcerer rank known.

Type: Utility

One of the caster's eyes grows tiny batlike wings and is able to fly away from the caster. The caster has complete control over the eye and will be able to see through it. The eye is controlled similarly to the Call Familiar spell via the TELL command.


LOOK {player}ROLL
LOOK {item}CRY
GO {direction} or {object}BLIND
INSPECT {player} {item}WIDEN
BLINK {player} {number of times}REVOLVE
BLINK {number of times}REVOLVE {player}
PEER {player}HOVER
BAT {number of times}.


If the eye is not in the same room with the caster when the spell's duration expires, the caster will lose the eye and take 3 to 30 points of damage.
The flying eye is, in reality, an illusion and therefore cannot be attacked, webbed, or affected by cloud spells. However, its movements are restricted to what it can see. It cannot go through closed doors, or other areas where vision is limited.
708 · Limb Disruption [LIMBDISRUPT]
Duration: Immediate

Type: Attack

A most painful spell: Depending on the warding failure, Limb Disruption can cause one of the target's limbs to break and/or explode. The caster may hit a target's right or left hand, arm, or leg.

[LINK] Spell Aiming[/LINK] skill allows the caster to better focus the spell and hit a specific limb on the target.

The possibility of limb animation and interaction is increased by training in [LINK] Sorcerous Lore, Necromancy[/LINK].
To focus your attack, specify the limb with the CAST command (e.g. CAST {target} LEFT LEG), or use the AIM command!
709 · Grasp of the Grave [GRASP]
Duration: Immediate

Type: Attack

Grasp of the Grave causes 5-6 arms to emerge and immediately attempt to pull all non-flying, ungrouped targets to the ground. Most arms appear as a singular "arm," but there is a 25% chance to get a "pair of arms," which is beneficial to those with Sorcerous Lore, Necromancy training

Grasp of the Grave uses a standard maneuver roll, with the caster getting a bonus based upon their sorcerer spell ranks, and Aura and Wisdom stat bonuses. Defenders get a bonus based upon Dodge ranks, Agility and Dexterity stat bonuses, but are also subject to a 5% chance of fumbling. In addition, defenders get a 1% chance to dodge regardless of anything else. A failed attempt to avoid the arms will result in 3-15 seconds of roundtime, and a knockdown if the target isn't already prone.

After the initial knockdown, the arms will periodically attempt to pull a target down one more time before decaying away. The second attempt compares the caster's sorcerer spell ranks against the target's level to determine success (70 + ((caster 700 ranks - target level) * 7), capped at 99, floored at 5). Affected targets are knocked down and subject to 3-5 seconds of roundtime.

The arms will decay immediately if the caster is not in the same room or not alive when it is their turn to activate. This applies to both player and critter casters.
710 · Energy Maelstrom [MAELSTROM]
Duration: Variable

Type: Attack

Maelstrom gives a Sorcerer the ability to summon dark energy to swirl around him or her, creating a fierce storm. It is a potent spell, which can be very dangerous to bystanders.

This spell can be cast in two ways. First, it can be cast openly, giving the Maelstrom the opportunity to hit anything in the area. Second, it can be focused, by casting at a single target. The length and strength of each type of Maelstrom storm (focused & unfocused) is based upon caster level versus target level. Additional casts of Maelstrom can increase the length and strength of the storm.

When the spell is unfocused, only one Maelstrom can be created in the area at a time. The storm could potentially hit any possible target in the room.

When the spell is focused, a Sorcerer may cast Maelstrom at several targets in the area. The [LINK] Spell Aiming[/LINK] skill, Sorcerer spells known, [LINK] Discipline[/LINK] stat & bonus, and caster level factor into the ability to increase the number of storms that can be created and controlled. A very powerful Sorcerer could potentially create and control up to 6 or 7 storms at once.

During a focused energy Maelstrom storm, the duration of atmospheric defensive spells around the target can be degraded.
Tactical tip: The strength of Maelstrom degrades over time, so it is best to increase the storm's potency (multiple casts) at the beginning of the storm, rather than at the end.
711 · Pain [PAIN]
Duration: Immediate

Type: Attack

Target takes between 20% and 35% of total health in damage on successful warding failures. More extreme successes may induce a Roundtime (RT) in the target.

Training in [LINK] Sorcerous Lore, Necromancy[/LINK] aids the Sorcerer in directing his or her spells at the target in the most painful manner. Against a like-level opponent, a Sorcerer single-trained in Necromancy Lore will achieve the maximum benefit from this spell.
712 · Cloak of Shadows [SHADOWS]
Duration: 1200 seconds + 60 seconds for every Sorcerer rank known; cumulative

Type: Defense/Attack

Cloak of Shadows has two effects. First, it acts as a defense to the caster, cloaking him or her in shadows by providing the caster +25 Defense Strength (DS), +1 DS per Sorcerer spell ranks over 712, max at level. Additionally, Cloak of Shadows provides +20 Sorcerer Target Defense (TD), +1 for every 10 Sorcerer spells know over 712, max at level.

Due to the increasing bonuses of this spell, the mana cost is a base of 12, +1 for every 3 additional DS.

The second benefit of this spell is its retribution effect. The Sorcerer must cast Cloak of Shadows at themself, then CHANT RETRIBUTION <spell number>, which causes the chanted spell to be cast at the target if the Sorcerer endures a physical attack while incapacitated. This retribution effect is a result of demonology, which is not a sure science. The base chance of retribution is 70%, increased by training in [LINK] Sorcerous Lore, Demonology[/LINK] by 1% for every 2 ranks, with a maximum of 95% chance of activation. If the retribution does not trigger against the Sorcerer's attacker, there is a small chance that the shadow will assail the Sorcerer.

If the retribution is used in conjunction with a spell that does not allow the shadow to strike out against a target (such as Spirit Guide or Planar Shift), it will still feel the need for violence and will turn upon its master.

Area affected spells, such as Quake or Major Elemental Wave, will not work with this spell.
Overtraining in Sorcerer spell ranks does not yield additional bonus past the caster's level.

A [LINK] garrote[/LINK] attacker is subject to the Cloak of Shadows chant retribution effect when the victim wearing CoS is stunned.
713 · Balefire [BALEFIRE]
Duration: Immediate

Type: Attack

Contact with the outer valences has provided sorcerers with a knowledge of a strange form of energy. A ball of greenish-black flame is shot from the palm of the caster, exploding on impact. If cast at a target successfully, the target will suffer initial damage from the hit as well as additional critical damage from the explosion. The explosion can result in damage to up to 8 targets in the room. The critical damage will be of the plasma variety.

For casting at targets, [LINK] Spell Aiming[/LINK] is the most important skill for this spell. [LINK] Multi-opponent Combat[/LINK] can increase the ability of the fiery ball to hit multiple targets in the room but is not required.

Training in [LINK] Sorcerous Lore, Demonology[/LINK] will increase the damage of the spell and will create a larger ball of balefire, increasing the maximum number of targets that can be struck.

In addition, if a caster has a [LINK] demon[/LINK] present, the demon can be forced to infuse additional damage into the initial attack according to the demon's native valence:

Grik'tyr: randomly either disintegration or crushing damage
Shien'tyr: randomly either vacuum or unbalancing damage
Lorae'tyr: randomly either steam or disruption damage

The extent of the extra damage will be roughly proportional to the success margin of the original attack. Each such attack will drain two mana points from the demon's stored reserve. If the demon does not have sufficient mana, the extra attack cannot take place. The percentage chance for this extra attack to take place is determined by adding the [LINK] seed(1)[/LINK] value of the caster's [LINK] Spiritual Mana Control[/LINK] bonus plus the [LINK] seed(1)[/LINK] value of the caster's [LINK] Elemental Mana Control[/LINK] bonus, and doubling this sum.
714 · Scroll Infusion [SCROLLINFUSION]
Type: Utility

With this spell, Sorcerers are able to utilize magical artifacts to fully unlock the magic found within scrolls. A sorcerer that successfully casts this spell will be able to increase the incantations found on a scroll many times over, granting the scrolls a much longer life than is normally expected.
[LINK] More information on Scroll Infusion (714)[/LINK]
715 · Curse [CURSE]
Duration: Variable

Type: Attack

There are eight known curses at the disposal of all Sorcerers. Some curses affect the target's combat abilities including Attack Strength (AS), Defense Strength (DS), and warding ability. Other curses torment the target with annoying and sometimes damaging effects. Items may also be targeted, which will store a dormant version of the curse cast upon it, awaiting the touch of a hapless creature or adventurer. The Sorcerer may handle any item that they curse.

The caster may select which curse to afflict their target with by one of two methods. Six curses may be selected by choosing the associated STANCE. All curses can be selected by PREPAREing the Curse spell, then using the CURSE command. Use CURSE HELP for additional information on syntax.

All curses require a modicum of skills and abilities in order to use them. This is referred to by the system as Cursing Power. Cursing Power is not expended like mana; it is simply a measure of the caster's strength. Cursing Power is calculated according to the formula: caster's Sorcerer Spell ranks + [LINK] Spiritual Lore, Spirit Summoning[/LINK] ranks/3 + Wisdom bonus/2 + Influence bonus/5.

Available curses:
Clumsy0OffensiveTarget falls down
Weakness2AdvancedAS Penalty & Minor Damage
Darkness3ForwardAS Penalty
Itch4NeutralDS Penalty and target may drop items
Hex5GuardedTD Penalty
Pox2DefensiveMinor Damage
Nightmare10N/APeriodic Damage
Star15N/AAS Penalty

For the Nightmare curse, casters with enough cursing power can select the specific nightmare that the target experiences. Customized nightmares are also available as a merchant service.

Curse of the Star, which curses the star under which the target was born causes the target to lose an amount of AS equivalent to 10 plus the caster's Sorcerer Spell ranks (beyond 15) divided by 3. If and when the target dies and is still under this curse, that AS penalty is transferred to the caster as an AS bonus for aimed (bolt) spells. The duration for the caster's bonus is 1200 seconds + 60 seconds per level of the target and is stackable.
This spell may be neutralized by the clerical spell Remove Curse. As well, when this spell is cast upon items, it will curse them. Sorcerers may not curse holy items.
716 · Pestilence [PESTILENCE]
Duration: Variable

Type: Attack

Pestilence may be cast as a reactive defensive spell, or as an offensive warding spell. In both cases the target is infected and follow-up Damage Over Time (DoT) cycles occur. Due to sorcery being a hybrid of elemental and spiritual magic, the disease from either version can affect undead.

The DoT effect lasts for 1-10 rounds, determined by the warding margin 10. Each round triggers every 6 seconds and deals concussion damage based upon how many rounds the effect will last along with a weak disintegration critical. The former starts strong and gets weaker over time. If a target is already under the DoT effect, the spell can still be directly cast via warding for the initial damage.
If one is infected by Pestilence, Undisease (113) will remove the DoT effect. If a target has Disease Resistance (104) active, it will get a second chance to ward the spell.
717 · Evil Eye [EVILEYE]
Duration: Variable

Type: Attack

They say the eyes are the window to the soul. Certainly the target of this spell will believe this to be the case, as the Sorcerer summons the power to instill fear into the very root of the target's being. Sometimes the target will run from the room or freeze, unable to move because of fright. Other times, if the target is a character, they may not stop running from the caster until they reach the safety of town.

This spell has an interesting side ability - when coupled with the Eye Spy spell, the caster will be able to target creatures and characters in the room with them, or in the room with the Sorcerer's Eye Spy (although the power of the spell diminishes when cast remotely).
718 · Torment [TORMENT]
Duration: Variable

Type: Attack

This spell allows a Sorcerer to summon a demonic force to do battle with the target of the spell. The demonic force, however, seeks some source for its rage and will turn on its summoner if it cannot successfully attack its target.

Control of this demon requires concentration in order to keep the demon's rage focused on the target. This concentration is enhanced by stance (the more offensive the better) and a sleeping or stunned target. All of these factors can decrease the Target Defense (TD) of the target.

The caster's concentration can be broken by their stance (more difficult to concentrate in defensive stances), injuries, being asleep or stunned, and having a spell prepared. Leaving the area the target is in can also lead to breaking the Sorcerer's concentration. All of these factors can increase the Target Defense (TD) of the target, which can create a potentially dangerous situation for the Sorcerer.

A Sorcerer with increased knowledge of [LINK] Sorcerous Lore, Demonology[/LINK] will more easily be able to undertake spell preparation while controlling this force. If the Sorcerer does not have a spell in preparation, his skill may result in an increase in damage when the demon strikes.

The demon will remain in a raged state until either the target or the summoner is killed. It will then return to its demonic plane.
719 · Dark Catalyst [DARKCAT]
Duration: Immediate

Type: Attack

Targets of this spell will have their magical energy, be it elemental or spiritual, ripped from them and converted into raw force which will damage them in the form of heat, cold, electricity, and/or impact crits. The amount of damage taken is dependent on the target's current amount of magical power and the failure of their spirit warding. Targets with little or no magical energy will not be significantly affected by this spell.

Part of the magical energy drained from the target can be transferred directly to the Sorcerer - the amount the Sorcerer receives is dependent on the amount taken, as well as his/her [LINK] Elemental and/or Spiritual Mana Control[/LINK] skills.

Training in [LINK] Elemental Lores, Fire, Water, Air, and Earth[/LINK]. increases the damage done for that particular critical type.

Elemental LoreCritical
720 · Implosion [IMPLOSION]
Duration: Immediate

Type: Attack

This spell will destroy all of the air around the target(s) in a specific area, subjecting them to 'vacuum' injuries. As the air rushes back into the area (a moment later), the target(s) will not only be subjected to the force of the returning air, but it is likely that surrounding objects will fly at them, potentially striking them and doing added damage. This spell can be truly devastating.

There are two versions of this spell, focused (single target), which requires skill training in [LINK] Spell Aiming[/LINK] and unfocused, which affects all characters/creatures/objects in the area.

Additionally, training in [LINK] Elemental and/or Spiritual Mana Control[/LINK] reduces the Mana Point cost of focused Implosion.
While both focused and unfocused Implosion can be useful, the unfocused version can harm innocent bystanders in the caster's room and in surrounding rooms.
725 · Minor Summoning [MSUMMON]
Duration: 600 seconds +20 seconds per Sorcerer rank known +30 seconds per Sorcerous Lore, Demonology rank known

Type: Utility

Minor and relatively weak, but chaotic, creatures from a demonic plane will be able to be summoned with this spell. Minor Summoning is the stepping stone in a Sorcerer's study of the demonic valences. The creatures summoned generally pose very little threat to the Sorcerer calling upon them and are usually summoned for menial tasks.

In order to summon a demon from the demonic plane, the Sorcerer must get a demon runestone and cast Minor Summoning at the runestone. The valence of demon summoned is dependant upon the type of runestone used. In order to see what kind of demon runestone you are using, use the READ RUNESTONE command. It is possible to summon a specific type of demon within that valence, but it is much more difficult.

Increased training in [LINK] Sorcerous Lore, Demonology[/LINK] will allow the Sorcerer to have better command of the demons he or she summons. Demonology training will also allow Sorcerers to instruct their demons to carry more coins for them, hold more mana for them, and to perform several other tasks.

Additionally, 50 ranks of Demonology Lore allow a Sorcerer to summon a demon by just specifying valence without a chance of failure. 100 ranks of Demonology Lore allow a Sorcerer to summon a demon by specifying valence and demon arche-type without chance of failure.
730 · Animate Dead [ANIMATEDEAD]
Duration: Special

Type: Attack

By the process of infusing his or her sorcerous essence through alchemical components, a sorcerer is able to fill the void left by a spirit leaving a corpse. The essence allows the sorcerer to manipulate and animate the body, giving him or her the ability to issue commands on a basic level.
[LINK] More info on Animate Dead[/LINK]
735 · Ensorcell [ENSORCELL]
Duration: Immediate

Type: Utility

Ensorcell allows sorcerers to enhance weapons, runestaves, shields, and armor by collecting and then infusing necrotic energy into them. Items may be either temporarily or permanently ensorcelled, with varying benefits depending on the nature of the item and the strength of the ensorcellment.

Temporary ensorcellment allows sorcerers (and sorcerers only) to gain temporary life channelling flares on their weapons and runestaves. Life channeling flares allow the beneficiary to absorb some built up necrotic energy and regain some of it as either health, mana, stamina, or spirit (depending on the nature of the attack and random chance). If the beneficiary of the flare is full on the resource that would otherwise be returned, they gain a temporary AS/CS bonus on their next attack. Non-sorcerers wielding temporarily ensorcelled gear may benefit while using it with certain maneuvers. Temporary ensorcellment lasts for 4 hours, real-time.

Permanent ensorcellment grants more widespread bonuses. There are 5 tiers of permanent ensorcellment. Shields, armor, and runestaves that are permanently ensorcelled provide the bearer with an +2 bonus to CvA. Weapons and runestaves that are permanently ensorcelled gain permanent life channelling flares (which, unlike the temporary flares, can also be used by non-sorcerers). The strength of the life channeling flares increase based on the tier of the ensorcellment (+5 AS or +3 CS per tier on the next attack within 30 seconds, with sorcerers gaining a free bonus tier for the purposes of calculating flare strength only). Training in [LINK] Sorcerous Lore, Necromancy[/LINK] allows the sorcerer to retain this bonus for one extra attack at 90 ranks or two extra attacks at 180 ranks.

In order to permanently ensorcell an item, the sorcerer must first harvest enough necrotic energy to power the ensorcellment. This is done automatically via killing like-level creatures. A sorcerer can view their progress towards harvesting the amount needed to cast a permanent ensorcellment by casting 735 on themselves. This energy can be stored indefinitely, though there is both a weekly cap on the amount of necrotic energy that can be gained and an overall cap where no more can be stored. Training in [LINK] Sorcerous Lore, Necromancy[/LINK] (Seed 1) allows for a greater amount of energy to be harvested per kill.

Once enough energy has been harvested, the sorcerer must CHANNEL 735 at the item and then pass a skill check in order to successfully permanently ensorcell the item. If the check passes, the sorcerer transfers the requisite amount of necrotic energy into the item, which then gains an ensorcellment tier. If the check fails, the sorcerer loses 5% of the requisite amount of necrotic energy and may immediately try again, provided that they still possess enough harvested energy.

Primary factors involved in this check are level, Sorcerer Spell Ranks, Wisdom, and Intuition. Secondary factors are Elemental Mana Control Ranks, Spiritual Mana Control Ranks, Arcane Symbols Ranks, and Magic Item Use Ranks. There is a bonus to success if a permanent ensorcellment attempt is made in a magical workshop, and there are penalties for attempting permanent ensorcellment while wouded.

Most weapons, runestaves, shields, and armor are able to accept an ensorcellment (provided they do not resist magic in general), though the difficulty of the skill check increases based on the item's exact properties. If the item is either an enhancive item or a holy item, it requires the use of a special tempering potion before any permanent ensorcellment may be attempted. All other items require no other components.
740 · Planar Shift [Shift]
Duration: Immediate

Description: Utility

Sorcerers successful in harnessing Planar Shift will be able to scribe magical runes within the confines of a protective circle. A successful casting of the spell within the circle, will allow the Sorcerer to travel the pathways formed by threads of mana running through the fabric of the lands to a chosen destination.

To use this spell the Sorcerer must first obtain a book in which a suitable magical rune has been written.

Next the Sorcerer must draw a protective circle using chalk. The surviving scholars of the Sorcerer's Guild caution that only very high quality chalk should be used when the road to be traveled is a long one. Less expensive material may be used for shorter trips.

Once the circle is properly prepared, the Sorcerer must draw the rune inside it. Due to the complex nature of the runes and the potential for disaster, the book containing the rune for the desired destination must be held in the hand of the Sorcerer while the rune is being drawn.

Finally, the Sorcerer is ready to cast Planar Shift. If successful, a pathway will be revealed which the Sorcerer may utilize. If the distance traveled is small the Sorcerer may even bring their group with them.

Miscasts have potentially disastrous consequences. Sorcerers are urged to use caution, as rumor has it that failures can lead to unleashing an enraged demon upon Elanthia. Study in [LINK] Sorcerous Lore, Demonology[/LINK] can reduce the chance of mishap.

With 40 ranks of [LINK] Sorcerous Lore, Demonology[/LINK], a bold Sorcerer can even attempt to Planar Shift without the protection of a summoning circle when the distance isn't too great. Simply INCANTing the spell will let the Sorcerer attempt to travel to their last point of departure. Using demonic rifts without the protection of a summoning circle is incredibly risky, however, and requires twice as much skill to reduce the chance of failure as it takes with a summoning circle.
Instructions for Rune Writers:

Using SENSE PATTERN a Sorcerer may discover the rune which is needed to return them to the room they are standing in. This rune may be written in a book which the Sorcerer has bound with magic. If not holding a book, it allows the Sorcerer to remember the current room for circle-less Planar Shifting.

A Sorcerer may only write runes into a book which she has bonded to, though she may loan her book to another Sorcerer and that Sorcerer may write the runes it contains into their own chalk circles.

The bond between a Sorcerer and her book is very personal. No demonologist can write in a book belonging to another. A Sorcerer who has misplaced or sold their book may sever the bond with that book. The Sorcerer will then be able to begin writing a new book. The original book, although retaining the runes it has currently, will not be able to have new runes written in it.
750 · Unnamed
Not yet implemented
The exact nature of this spell is unknown at this time.

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